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What are some benefits of high speed travel via cartrainor airplane?

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gh speed travel via car, train or airplane
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How would high speed travel change the way people communicate?

  people best communicate in person. it is why presidents do travel to meet and greet others about the world. even when the best form of holograms enable us to teleconfere

One airplane travels due north at 300 kmh while another travels due south at 300 kmh Are their speeds the same?

  The speed relative to the ground is the same in both cases. However the speed to a stationary observer outside of the earth would vary over the course of the flight. To
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What will happen if you flip a coin in a high speed airplane and why?

Nothing unusual IF the airplane is flying level and at a constant  speed. The coin will go up, flip, and come down as expected.    However, if the airplane is accelera