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What are some characteristics of recession phase of business cycle?

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-worker layoffs
-lower prices
-less consumer spending therefore,
-less profit for businesses
-slow economy
-less demand for products
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Characteristics of business?

my need to note on characteristics of business. Charactaristics of business: 1) Entreprenure 2 deals in goods and services 3 involve production or exchange of goods

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According to Muhammad Farooq Arby from State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan has completed two business cycles since independence. First from 1949 to 1969. Second from 1969 to 1991

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They were national or international in scope; they affected output, employment, retail sales, construction, and other macroeconomic variables; and they lasted for years, with

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The most noticeable changes will be that organisations/companies will look to reduce their overhead costs to remain competitive and to respond to falling demand for their good