What are some cheats for Wolf Quest?

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That's all really great stuff, but I wouldn't really call most of it "Cheats" moreless tips or extra stuff you can do. My only cheat that I have found is if you are playing Slough Creek, and a bear is after your pups and you have been chasing this bear for forever and can't get it to go away(because I have chased a bear before for almost an hour until it went away), then press esc to pause your game, save it, then quite out of it.
Have you ever noticed that when you continue a game in Slough Creek that your wolf, pups, and mate are never in the same spot as when you left, they are all together in front of your den? Well, same goes with the bear. It is no longer in the same spot, and is actually gone. Sure, other bears will come, but not for a while. So I hope that helps ya. :) -Dakota*

SCRATCH ALL THE OTHERS BUT DAKOTA'S!  ok, this is for the new version of wolfquest (2.5.1).
1. first go to multiplayer and put the stats to -0.1 strength, 0.1 stamina and speed.
2. then click go back and click single player and new game.
3. *the stats should be the same from multiplayer but if its not, try the 1st and 2nd step again. Anyway, make sure your wolf is clicked on female or male.
4. then drag the strength bar all the way up, and the stats should be: 0.5 strength, 0.1 stamina and speed!i think it can be switched around and stuff, but i haven't tried that yet and ill edit when i do. I hoped it helped! oh, and i scratched all the others out because theirs were a version or two old (yes there were others, but i erased the others). HOPED IT HELPED, AGAIN! -Drykon :D
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What are some cheats for adventure quest?

there are many websites that you can go to . http://www.cheatsguru.com/pc/adventure_quest/ . http://www.cheatsguru.com/pc/ad my favorite and they all work i tried the

How do you get to wolf quest?

Go to Internet type in Wolf Quest. Click on the first thing you see. Download game. Then get multiplayer. Trust me it is fun!

Cheat codes for wolf quest?

There are 2. The first one is if you die, press c. Then you will run really fast. The second one, I dont know, but my friend does. and the second one is a stat hack where you

Cheats for Wolf Quest?

Here's a Walkthrough, written by Zialda (me) on WolfQuest.com Hi, I'm Zialda. This is the WQ Walkthrough, giving you all the hints, tips, cheats, and tricks to get through Wo

What are some cheats on adventure quest?

javascript:document.embeds[0].SetVariable("_root.monster.intHP", 0) javascript:document.embeds[0].SetVariable("_root.monster.intMP", 0) Mozilla FireFox Or Google Chro

Is their any cheats for wolf quest?

Nope there are NO cheat codes what so ever in this game. Don't see why you would need them any way in a game like that --they asked for cheats not cheat codes. One o

How do you get a wolf quest?

You have to go to the website at www.wolfquest.org Click on "Get The Game" Press Down load, then you might as well read a book or go on another site for a while cause it takes

What are some games like wolf quest?

These are some games like Wolfquest: 1. Feralheart = Feralheart is a game where you get to be a canineor a feline. You can be tiger, lion, leopard, cheetah, snowleopard, wolf

What are some quest for R2D2 cheats?

for jedi it is redsaber, dualsaber. for sith it is darkforce, greensaber. for both it is redclonehelmet, clonehelmet, triplejump, and wings.

Do know any cheats for wolf quest?

put your strength bar to the middle then raise either speed or stamina all the way up then rise strength all the way (be patient if it doesn't work try again)

What are some cheats for the quest for r2d2?

jedi cheats dual saber gives jedi two lightsabers red saber gives jedi a red lighsaber sith cheats green saber gives sith a green lightsaber dual saber gives sith two lights
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What are some games related to wolf quest?

wolf quest is a great game and i would tell you to look for feral heart if you want a similar game. It isn't out yet but it should be by winter. Peace (:
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Is there any cheat codes for wolf quest?

Yes! They're cool, too. 1. When you die, press "c". You can run really fast. 2. When you walk/run up to another wolf, press "x". You will float when you talk to the wolf and w
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What are some fun things to do on wolf quest?

there are alot of thing to do on wolf quest that are fun but my favorite things are role playing, hunting and playing tag (if you're with a group)
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How do you get on wolf quest?

Well, unless you made an icon for it, you would have to click the start button then (if you have a windows) click in the "Search Programs and Files" box and type in WolfQuest.