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What are some dangers for slaves in the middle passage?

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The main danger was disease. Because the slaves were in such tight quarters and the hatch was closed, disease spread rapidly. Also poor nutrition and the fact that they had nowhere to go to the bathroom except the floor also contributed to disease. Only 20-80% survived the voyage from Africa to the New World.
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The middle passage of the slave trade?

The middle passage was the route that slave traders from Britain took slaves to South and North America. The Middle Passage as on the Atlantic Ocean. It was horrible. They mad

What did the slaves do on the middle passage?

The term "Middle Passage" refers to that middle leg of the transatlantic trade triangle in which millions of Africans were imprisoned, enslaved, and removed from their homes.
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What is meant by middle passage of the slaves?

The middle passage was a passage taken by boat from Africa to Spain for slave trade conducted by the US in the sixteen hundreds. It was a very brutal and dangerous trip as the
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What hardships did slaves face in the middle passage?

Slaves faced many hardships while being shipped across the  Atlantic. Crowded and unsanitary conditions resulted in massive  disease outbreaks on ships. Malnutrition affecte