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What are some dangers for slaves in the middle passage?

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The main danger was disease. Because the slaves were in such tight quarters and the hatch was closed, disease spread rapidly. Also poor nutrition and the fact that they had nowhere to go to the bathroom except the floor also contributed to disease. Only 20-80% survived the voyage from Africa to the New World.
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How many slaves were there on a slave ship in the middle passage?

A typical slave ship carried no less then 200 and no more than 500 slaves when it departed from West Africa. There may have been as many as 20 million slaves transported to th

Why was the middle passage a terrible experience for African slaves?

The middle passage was a terrible experiance for the slaves as they were all chained up lying on wooden pannels which would often have more slaves above them, they we're fed d

What did slaves die from in the middle passage?

Slaves died from a lot of things. Some where not fed regularly or given fresh water to drink, and other died from diseases that were passing from person to person on the ship.

In the middle passage where were the slaves kept?

Slaves were treated so inhuman (badly) during the middle passage. They were kept on the bottom of ships. They were chained down. Slaves were hardly given any food and they had

Why were slaves on the Middle Passage treated badly?

they were treated badly because they were slaves. people didnt care about there health all they cared about were getting them home so that they could get them to work.

What hardships did slaves face in the middle passage?

Slaves faced many hardships while being shipped across the  Atlantic. Crowded and unsanitary conditions resulted in massive  disease outbreaks on ships. Malnutrition affecte

What did slaves eat on the middle passage?

The captives were fed beans, corn, yams, rice and palm oil.Slaves were fed one meal a day with water, but if food was scarce, slaveholders would get priority over the slaves.

How many slaves died on the middle passage?

Between one and two million slaves died on the crossing, leaving many corpses in the bowel of the ship to rot among his companions. 10% of slaves would die on the ships. And

What were slaves fed during the middle passage?

The slaves were fed beans, corn, yams, rice, and palm oil. The amount of food they received was very little, and the slaves would only receive one meal a day. The slaveholders