What are some example of the cause of abusive relationships?

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The main predictor of abusive relationships is if someone has themselves been abused or has grown up in a family where abuse was present. It is very contagious, particularly when the abusive family has sons, since they will repeat the homelife they grew up in. Girls tend to find someone to marry who is like the abuser. (of course, there are abusers of both sexes--I don't mean to be exclusive)

Common occupations of abusers include being in law enforcement or the military, but they are not exclusive.

As a society, we often blame the victim for not leaving the abuser, or for somehow creating a situation where anger can surface and so on. However, most people can express anger and disappointment without being verbally or physically abusive.
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we'll I couldn't really tell you because i havent ever been in one, however, I can tell you if you are the one in it you need to get out, abusiveness comes from i believe like

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What causes teen relationship abuse?

the reasons could be because the boyfriend gets all pressured to have s*xand forces his girlfriend to have s*x and when she doesn't want to, he gets mad and whip/slap/hit her.