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A personality trait is anything internal, such as the way you speak or walk, or your likes and dislikes.
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What are some of Queen Elizabeth's personality traits?

Elizabeth was incredibly vain so hated it if any of her ladies got married because that meant that male attention was not on her. She had a furious temper and would throw her

What are some Dutch personality traits?

Answer   I guess it is the same as all over the world, every person is different. But they say the Dutch are very direct, stubborn, open to different cultures but very pr

What are some Scottish personality traits?

Scottish personality traits: Tough, independent, argumentative, with a taste for beer and fried foods.

What was some of Dave Pelzer's personality traits?

He is a very shy and scared Child. He has no place to call home.  How would you feel... think about that then you will have your  answer.

What are some examples of character traits?

A Character Trait is an adjective, describing a character, or even yourself. However, adjectives which arise from social interaction, physical appearance, or emotional state a

What are some personality traits of Anne Sullivan?

Anne had so much confidence in herself that she never gave up in anything she was doing and she believed in herself. She stayed with Helen till the day she passed away.

What are some examples of traits?

features from a higher generation No traits are the characteristics of a person for example if someone has big ears or a big nose or long hair those are traits Exampes of tra

What are some Italian personality traits?

Superficial, shallow, think way too much of what other people think of them, promiscuous, VERY BIPOLAR PERSONALITY! Although... They are warm, passionate, playful, great with

What are some personal traits of a good citizen?

    1. Having a cheerful personality.   2. Be helpful when ever needed.   3. Be generous and think of others.   4. Respect the enviorment.   5. Avoid bad t
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What are some traits of an outgoing person?

The most common traits of an outgoing personality are the ability and genuine need to have and get along with a large, diverse group of people. The enjoyment of being the cent