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What are some good crops that can grow in clay?

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Two words: soil amendments. Perhaps these two: soil conditioning. It's not as important what is grown as what the soil is treated with. Climate conditions set aside, that is. With a smaller or greater amount of work, most soils can be brought up to speed to grow a wide variety of stuff and do it pretty well. With proper tending, of course. Preparation is what makes for good growing. A link is included to provide a jumping off point.
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Why are some valleys better for growing crops?

It depends, there are all sorts of reasons. Volcanic soil is very fertile for example. Also, valleys are formed by water running through then drying up. Valleys would have al

How long for crops to grow?

Some crops grow in a few weeks or months, such as radish or lettuce, others take years to become productive, such as apple trees.

Can you grow corn in clay soil?

By corn I surmise you mean Indian corn or maize (or mealies as it is called in South Africa). When I were young (here in South Africa) we had a whole field full of it sown in