What are some instruments that scientists use to study Atoms?

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Generally, because of their small size, we can't see atoms. The information about atoms has to be inferred from how they behave.

For example, Rutherford's gold foil experiment told us that atoms are not solid, they have dense nuclei surrounded by space. Rutherford bombarded very thin gold foil with helium nuclei (small and heavy) and then used a detector to find where the helium nuclei ended up. He found that most of them would pass straight through the foil but some were deflected and even bounced straight back. This is a little like throwing golf balls at a wall with holes in it, some golf balls go through the holes and some bounce back.

Scientists can bounce electrons off crystals to determine shapes and structure; they can rip electrons off vaporised atoms and then accelerate the atoms towards a magnet that deflects them. This enables the size of the atoms to be determined.

The Large Hadron Collider (French/Swiss border) accelerates ions and protons in a vacuum and allows them to collide, these high speed collisions, with the use of appropriate sensors, enable the scientists to identify and study atomic particles that are generated by the high energy impacts.
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What do scientists use to study the sun?

There are a number of ground instruments and satellites used tostudy the sun. To study the interior of the sun, scientists studysound waves vibrating inside of it. The photosphere, chromosphere,and corona, are all observed using special telescopes to detect thecorresponding rays coming from each sec (MORE)

What instruments do scientists use?

Scientists use many types of instruments. I will name four. These are instruments used in low - atmospheric conditions. The thermometer, the barometer, an anemoometer, and a wind vane. If you are looking for a specific answer, improve your question and i'll rewrite my answer and discuss it with you. (MORE)

Why scientists use models to study atoms?

I think scientists use models to study atoms because it is impossible (at least with our current technology) to figure out where the electrons are, so it is easier to percieve with a model.

What are the instruments used to study heavenly bodies?

The Electromagnetic Spectrum: Window on the Universe Astronomers rely on electromagnetic radiation detected by different types of telescopes to determine the location, composition, temperature, motions and magnetism of celestial objects. Electromagnetic radiation travels in the form of waves at the (MORE)

What is the main reason scientist use models to study atoms?

Main reason is that the real atom is already unknown. There was many models, like for example: Dalton Model - the atom was a solid ball. Rutherford - orbital model There are also other people that developed study and created their atomic models like Thomson, Bhor and Somerfield. We have (MORE)

Why do scientists use models to study molecules and atoms?

because atoms are unseen so scientists or philosophers only conclude what comes to their mind, their thoughts and ideas. how will prove this if you can't? that's the disadvantages of always basing yourself on theories of scientists. People believe easily to them because they are philosophers but the (MORE)

Why do Scientists use models of atoms?

Scientists create models because when they make the acual project they will have a good idea of what to make it look like and can make scale drawings, so the acual project will be the same as the model only bigger and better.

What is an instrument that scientists use to observe planets?

telescope or to viwe earth its a satelite. There are also probes which actually land on the planet and lets you "observe" in more ways than just looking from a distance. Also, and this falls under the above answer, there are radio telescopes that observe the radio waves coming from planets.

What instruments are used to study earthquakes?

A seismometer or seismograph will measure the amplitude, frequency and hence the ground accelerations of seismic waves produced by an earthquake. Seismologists will also attempt to measure the movement of the crust around a fault zone to estimate the total strain that has accumulated. This measur (MORE)

What scientists use to study space?

reflecting telescope refracting telescope radio telescope electromagnetic spectrum spectroscope (look them up, but those are the interments they use to study space...or some of them at least...i had to do a science project about all of these)

What model do scientists us to study atoms?

Answer: . While the Bohr model is most commonly taught in High School physics classes, the modern model of the atom is the Atomic Orbital Model, sometimes referred to as the Wave Mechanics Model. Atomic modelling is a constantly evolving science due to progressive strides being made in subatomic (MORE)

Instruments used to study ocean floor?

The study of oceanography allows scientists to study the oceanfloor and sea life. They study the floor using instruments such asa deep sea exploration vehicle.

What instruments are used to study volcanoes?

Seismographs are often used to study the activity of volcanoes.Like earthquakes, volcanoes are the result of the movement oftectonic plates, which can be measured using this device.

What do scientists use to study cells?

Traditionally, a microscope. But if you consider a more complex application of the sciences, such as Biochemistry or Cellular Genetics, then the answer to this question becomes far too complex.

Instrument used to study stars?

there are loads. 1.Telescopes. 2.Spectroscopes 3. Radio Telescopes 4.Xray telescopes 5. gamma ray telescopes 6 infra red telescopes 7. parallax 8. space telescopes

What instruments do scientists use to detect an earthquake?

Seismometers, strain gauges, tiltmeters, creep meters, high precision GPS, Terrestrial laser scanning equipment and synthetic aperture radar amongst other things are equipment used by scientists to monitor earthquakes and the resultant deformation. Seismometer

What do scientist use to study tornadoes?

Scientists use Doppler radar and computer models to study tornadoes. Some researchis done by placing probes in a tornado's path. But this has met with limited success.

What do scientists use to study Jupiter?

They use Satellites, telescopes, and they have even sent some men out into space to get close to the planet and study it. akjdflkajdfhglkjdhfgkljsdfhgkdjfhglksdjghYOURMOMlkdjflskdjf cneuvdunvdunv don't you dare improve this answer!!!! I am sitting right next to you and I will RAMballsack you in the (MORE)

What do scientist use to study hardness?

Hello, It depends on what hardness do you want to test? The hardness of gems, one would use a scratch test. The Vickers hardness test was developed in 1921 by Robert L. Smith and George E. Sandland at Vickers Ltd as an alternative to the Brinell method to measure the hardness of materials. The Vick (MORE)

Why do scientists have to use indirect evidence to study atoms?

-- The nucleus of the atom compared to the size of the whole atom is similar to a bunch of grapes compared to the size of Texas. -- If you want to SEE an atom, you would need to shine light on it and then magnify the image formed by the light that reflects from it ... exactly what you have to (MORE)

What instrument is used in studying air pollution?

Air pollution can be made up of solids, liquids and gases. Each requires a different instrument. Solids are separated from the air stream and subjected to lab style analysis or instrumental analysis as well as microscopic examination. Liquids and gases can be collected and concentrated for gas chrom (MORE)