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What are some jobs you can get at the age 14?

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i am a 15 year old girl and started working a Bloom (the grocery store) when i was 14. i just bag stuff but hey, i still get payed! hope this helps :D
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What are some jobs you can get at the age 16?

  ***Uk answer***   You can any get any job at age 16, although you dont have as many rights as an "adult" For example an employer does not have to consider you for emp

Are you entitled to a job at the age if 14?

yes if u are the age of 14 you are entitled to a job.   ----------------   No, you are not entitled to a job. Not in the US at least. You do have the 'right to work', bu

What jobs hire at the age of 14 in Vidor Texas?

I live in Vidor too and if you want a good job you can always get one at McDonalds, and the Exxon Gas station near burger King may need some help, I heard that some employee's

How much can i get startimg a job at Publix at age 14?

Your starting pay as a bagger would be $7.00/hr. As a cashier, I believe it's $9.00-$9.25/hr. And it also depends on location, where you live. Perfect attendance and punctu

Is there jobs for 14 years of age that pays?

It differs from State to State, but typically, you can do anything that cannot hurt you. For example, if you wanted to work in a restaurant, you could be a busboy (girl), or a

Acting jobs for kids ages 11-14?

There can be lots of jobs for kids. In plenty of commercials, tv shows, and movies, kids are a big part. You don't have to do much, or even be that good at acting! If you are