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Does it hurt a girl when a male has sex with her?

Most girls experience some sort of pain the first time. After that it should not hurt unless the male is more well endowed than the girl is used to which can be a little uncom (MORE)

What are the secondary sex characteristics in males?

Secondary sex characteristic A peacock displays his long, colored feathers, an example of his secondary sex characteristics. Secondary sex characteristics are features t (MORE)

What happens to male bee after sex?

i think it dies. It does die. The male bee (drone) actually deposits its genitalia inside the queen bee in a semi-explosive transfer that can be heard as an audible popping. (MORE)
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What are some sex positions best for an overweight male?

Doggy style is a good one for maximum penetration. For prolonged sex try the woman lying on her back, the man lies on his side 90 degrees or at right angle to the woman with (MORE)
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What the primary male sex organ?

The primary sex organ of a male is the testis. The testis is the reproductive gland of males. It produces spermatozoa and the androgens.
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What sex are there most of male or female?

Probably about the same. I mean there are some people who cheat, but every body has a mate on the universe that God planned them to be with. God made a person for everyone, an (MORE)
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Is the bladder a male sex organ?

No. Both males and females have a bladder. It is located in your lower abdomen at the very bottom in front. It collects your bodies waste fluids in the form of urine.
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What is the male sex liquid called?

If you mean what we ejaculate, it is a liquid called semen. The male sex cell inside it is called sperm.