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What are some male sex-linked disorders?

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Why are sex-linked disorders more common in males?

Sex linked disorders are more common in males because they are most often linked to the X chromosome. Since males inherit their Y chromosome from their father, they undoubtedl

Why are sex linked disorders more common in males then in females?

You are grossly mistaken. Ask a gynaecologist/Obstetrician and you will feel that the converse is true. Things that are talked about more and are easily discovered seem to be

Why males are affected more often then females by sex-linked genetic disorders?

In humans males sex is determined by the presence of the Y chromosome. This is a very short compared to the X chromosome with which it is pair. Therefore if there is a genetic

Why do males have more sex-linked disorders than females?

Men have a single X chromosome paired with a Y chromosome which is wha makes them male. Women have two X chromosomes which essentially gives them a "second shot" at any tra

Are males more susceptible to sex linked disorders?

Yes. Most sex-linked disorders are carried on the X chromosome. Since males only have one X chromosome, recessive disorders carried on the X chromosome are much more common in

Why do males have more sex linked genetic disorders?

Males are characterized by the XY sex chromosomes, while females have the XX. Y is generally non-coding; thus if a male's mother has a sex-linked diseases, he is GUARANTEED to
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Are males most likely to have an x-linked disorders?

Males are much more likely to be affected by an x-linked disorder because they only have one copy of the x-allele, so if they carry an abnormal version, it will be expressed.