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What are some non-mathematical facts about the number 84?

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84 is the atomic number of palonium. Many roads and highways are named 84 and it is the name of a town in Pennsylvania and that of a lumber company. It is also the number of years it takes Uranus to orbit the sun.
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prime number, odd number.
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What are some facts on the number 6?

there are six strings on a guitar six is the number of points received for a touchdown six is the smallest perfect number (1+2+3 is 6) 1times 2 times 3 is six0

What are facts about the number 84?

The prodigious number 84 follows the number 83- and it precedes the number 85!

What are some facts about the number 36?

U.S. Highway 36 runs two lanes east and west through Jewell County, Kansas. 36 is a square number: 6 x 6 = 36 According to the Torah, the light of creation shone for e
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What are some random facts about the number 51?

It is an integer because it is a whole number It is a rational number that can be expressed as a fraction It is an odd number Its prime factors are 3 and 17 It is 51/1 as an i