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What are some of the benefits of playing sports?

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yes,in track you compete in sports just as you compete in other sports like football
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What are some unusual sports and how are they played?

Answer Wall Downball [Rebound Handball]: The Victorian [Australia] Wall Downball (now 'rebound handball') Association ran championships in the game during most of the 1980's.

Benefit of playing a sports?

The main benefit of playing sports is that you will get plenty of  exercise. You will feel better and stay healthy with more and more  exercise.

What are health benefits from playing sports among teenagers?

it gives them phyical exericise, its mentally beneficial to be on a team and it keeps kids from being bored and experimenting with drugs   It gives them physical exercis

What is the benefits of playing sports?

  better nutrition, more friends, also when stressed doing sports keeps your mined off whater you might be stressed about ,   curtis   better nutrition, more friends

What are some sports played in Japan?

Sumo WrestlingBaseballJudoSoccer
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What are some sports that Columbians play?

In Columbia the main sport are usually soccer/football and cycling. The Columbians were inspired by their national hero Martin Rodriguez after the triumphs in cycling and thei