What are some of the characteristics of invertebrates?

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Invertebrates do not have a backbone, which is a spine. Creatures like insects, worms, snails, squid, and octopus are invertebrates.
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What is an invertebrate?

"Invertebrate" means without a spinal column ("no vertebrae"). An invertebrate animal does not have a backbone, for example mollusks, worms, and insects. (see related questions and link) It is important to know the difference an invertebrate and anvertebrate. An invertebrate is an animal that does (MORE)

What are some invertebrates?

Squids . octopi . sponges . jellyfish . coral . water flea . flatworms . roundworms Answer = Some Invertebrates are snails, slugs, bugs,spiders, worms, mosquitos etc. Squids, worms, jelly fish It is impossible to name every single invertebrate as most organisms are invertebrates. The onl (MORE)

What are some vertebrates and invertebrates from Indiana?

All birds, reptiles, bony fish, and mammals are vertebrates because they have backbones (spines made up of many vertebrae). Some examples of Indiana animals that are vertebrates would be river catfish, flying squirrels, red-winged blackbirds, copperhead snakes, cardinals, moles, and whitetail deer. (MORE)

What are the characteristics of invertebrates?

Some invertebrate characteristics are shared across the board. For example, the one main characteristic that sets them apart from other animals is their lack of a backbone and spinal column. Also, despite the fact that they are multi-cellular, they in fact lack cell walls. Due to their lack of compl (MORE)

What are some invertebrate animals?

Some invertebrates are, worms, jellyfish, grasshoppers, spiders, flies, scorpions, praying mantis, crabs, squid, cuttlefish, and many others!

What are some invertebrates from the taiga?

The Taiga region has a subarctic climate. Invertebrates in thisarea include: beterotrophic bacteria, Pleurozium Schreberi,Calothrix, Testate Amoebae and Ixodes Persulcatus.

What are some similarities between vertebrates and invertebrates?

They both can adapt to their environment easily. They both have internal blood. They both have a brain that can communicate throughout their body to certain places that help them live in their natural habitat. Answer: They both can be found in either water or land and they both reproduce and (MORE)

What characteristics do all invertebrates have?

The main characteristic of all invertebrates is that they lack a backbone. With come directly from the name invertebrates "in" meaning without being combined with the word vertebrate making the meaning without a backbone.

Where do some invertebrates live?

you'll know in your dreams No that is incorrect, they can live in very warm conditions and underground or anywhere with lots of heat.

Name some of the classifications of invertebrates?

95% of animals are invertebrates. That's quite a percentage so they must be important! Some classifications of invertebrates are: Arthropoda - including insects, arachnids, and crustacea. Animals who have exoskeletons. Annelida - worms, including flatworms, round worms and segmented worms. Mollu (MORE)

What are some examples of an invertebrate?

All sea sponges are invertebrates along with all types of worms, flatworms, roundworms, and segmented worms. Flatworms are like tapeworms, segmented worms are like earthworms you in in the yard. Mollusks like snails, octopus, clams, and squids are invertebrates, also arthropods like centipedes, spid (MORE)

What are some mammals that are invertebrates?

Invertebrates are animals without the backbone or spine. Animalssuch as jellyfish, squid etc. Basically things in the groups ofcrustaceans, molluscs, arthropods, arachnids, and insects. Thereare plenty more, but that's just a few.

What are some characteristics of addicts?

Preoccupation with drugs or using drugs, denial of the consequences, seeming disregard for the effects their drug use has on others, and a variety of other symptoms depending on the specific drug (or lack of it).

What are some of the characteristics of French cuisine?

French cuisine is a bunch of very fancy breads and wine, I mean come on, be serious what do you think about when you think French. You know what I think, I think rich and elegant a.k.a breads and wines ohh and don't forget those cheeses yum those are delicious. So if I were to answer the question "w (MORE)

What are some animals that are in the cnidarian group of invertebrates?

Some animals that are found in the phylum Cnidaria are corals, sea anemones, and jellyfish. Cnidarians are characterized by the presence of cnidocytes, or specialized stinging cells, with which the invertebrates can capture their prey. They are radially symmetrical and have two cell layers. All cnid (MORE)

What are some Bottom dwelling invertebrates?

Shrimp are one example of bottom feeding invertebrates. If you simply mean invertebrates that live on the sea floor, crabs, lobsters, and giant Pacific octopus would be examples. More examples would include sea slugs, sea snails, sea cucumbers (another bottom feeder), and bivalves (seashells like cl (MORE)

Are some snakes invertebrates?

Nope - ALL snakes are vertebrates. They have a skull, spine (running the entire length of their body, and 300-400 pairs of ribs.

What are some invertebrates that begin with the letters A-Z?

· ant · butterfly · crab · dragonfly · earthworm · fly · grasshopper · honeybee · inchworm · Japanese beetle · kissing bug · ladybug · mites · no-see-ums (tiny biting flies - they are so tiny that it is hard to see them) · (MORE)

What is some information about microscopic invertebrates and arthropods?

Microscopic invertebrates are everywhere, and come from all phyla; they include pretty much all zooplankton, which is mainly larvae of bigger animals such as crabs, lobsters, starfish, jellyfish etc. But they're also in fresh water, including water fleas and rotifers and such, and even on land, such (MORE)

Which animals are invertebrates and not invertebrates?

All animals are invertebrates, except for fish, amphibians,reptiles, birds and mammals. These are known as vertebrates(animals with a backbone; vertebra = backbone) and account for only2% of the animal kingdom, at most (as we probably haven'tdiscovered all invertebrate species yet)!