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What are some of the top paying jobs for 17 year olds?

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working at drinks and food places
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Where can a 17-year-old get a job?

  Save some lives     Lifeguarding is a great job for a 17 year old. It usually offers decent pay and helps instill a large amount of responsibility. Ability to s

Where can a 17-year-old with a high school diploma get a high-paying job?

Answer   Try visiting your local laborer's union hall and paying your dues, which are usually $300 to $500. It may be wise to consider a military career. Or do what I did

Where can a 17 year old in Staten Island find a job?

The most popular place is The Staten Island Mall You can get a job in teen clothing stores like American Eagle. You can also get a job in the food court. Good luck finding a j

Jobs for 11 year olds that pay?

An 11 year old can make money by... BabysittingMowing LawnsHousekeepingPet SittingLemonade Stands, Food Stands, Ice Cream Stands, ETC. Yard WorkIf you're lucky, you can ask