What are some popular choices of paint colours for interior walls?

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There are many different colours that are currently considered to be popular choices. Some of the common popular choices include classic grey, blue, blue-green, beige, yellow and taupe. Depending on the design of the particular room, almost any colour is suitable.
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Where can you find a pattern or instructions for painting a large tree on an interior wall?

%REPLIES%. Answer . Try any hobby store for supplies and look around online to find anything else that you may not always find at your local store.. Answer . It's odd you should bring this up as I had the same problem. I found a picture of the tree I was looking for (Japanese tree that I wa (MORE)

Why is the wall colour lighter than the cut in corners when the paint dries?

Because a brush leaves a thicker coat of paint. When you use a roller a common mistake is to spread the paint over too large area. Also you paint over the cut in bits of wall making the coat even thicker in those places.. ANSWER: . Its because of shadow. The open wall has little shadow, the corn (MORE)

Can you paint oak coloured paneling wainscoting then paint the top wall or are you suppose to wallpapper?

Answer . Oak as you probably know is very expensive, so if it's in good shape, skip the paint, keep the oak and take a digital picture of the wainscoting and take it to a wallpaper store and match up some wallpaper. It's a matter of taste and both look good, but wallpaper gives it a more cozy fee (MORE)

How do you thicken up too runny interior wall paint?

You can thicken runny interior paint as long as it is a latexpaint. You can use a thickening agent called cellosize hydroxyethylcellulose. Do not put more than twenty five percent of this agentinto the paint or you will not be able to roll it.

How do you paint walls?

Start by selecting appropriate colours. They if you are paintinglight on dark you will need a white paint to use as a mist coat (50-50 paint and water if using water based paints) if going darkingthe same process using a darker paint to drop the colour as a mistcoat. Start by filling cracks and hole (MORE)

How do you paint a wall?

Well... all you have to do is put a paint brush on the wall and rub it up and down ........ then you have to let it dry then paint a different color over top of the other color but only half paint it... then your wall will be PERFECT!!!!!!

What base paint is used on a house interior and exterior walls?

The base paint that is used on a house interior and exterior wallsis called primer. Primer comes in white or gray, with white beingthe more popular. Primer allows the outer coats of paint to stickto the wall more easily and cover up discolored blemishes.

What is the best paint for an interior stone wall?

The best thing for an internal stone wall is lime wash as it lets the wall 'breathe' so lets moisture out. It prevents damp and mould. It can be bought in a reasonably wide variety of colours now as well. http://www.mikewye.co.uk/mikeprices.htm#limewash Hope this helps :D

What paint should you use for the interior walls?

Assuming you mean whether to choose latex or oil paint: latex is easier to apply and to clean up, and it doesn't have the penetrating odor of oil, but oil looks better, protects better and lasts longer.

How often should you paint the interior walls of your house?

The simple answer is: When they need it. Todays interior paints don't really fail, they do however get dirty, dinged up and worn away on areas of high use. How often this occurs will depend on the people living there. In other words, the walls in my sister's house who is single and has no kids or pe (MORE)

Can exterior latex paint be used on interior walls?

There are several reasons why you should not use exterior paint indoors. First, exterior paints contain mildew inhibitors. They used to use mercury; I'm not sure if they still do. But in any event, you DON'T want these chemicals outgassing into your house. Second, exterior paints are desig (MORE)

What colour to paint walls if sofa aubergine?

That will depend on your lifestyle and favourite colours. If you entertain frequently and want a sophisticated look try taupe or grey for the walls, and paint your trim to match (or one shade darker than the walls). A good area rug with the aubergine in the pattern, casual tables in black lacquer (MORE)

What type of painting is done on wet plaster with pigments suspended in water so that the plaster absorbs the colours and the painting becomes part of the wall?

In it's essence, fresco or fresco painting is an - application of natural mineral pigments to a surface on which a following chemical reaction takes place: Ca(OH)2(s) + CO2(g) ----> CaCO3(s) + H2O(l) Calcium Hydrate (burned lime stone or marble mixed with water) combined with carbon dioxide result (MORE)

How do you remove rust stains from an interior painted wall?

Answer#1 With hydro-flouric acid. AKA, rust stain remover. Just don't get any of it on a glass surface, it will damage it! (NOT to be confused with hydro- chloric acid) Answer Gently sand the rusted area and then use a damp cloth to remove the dust. Use Kilz or other primer to cover the s (MORE)

What colour should you paint your walls to match this wallpaper?

Without seeing the wallpaper, how could I possibly know? If there is a background color on the wallpaper, you can go with that or any other color in it. If you use a color in the pattern, a flower or something, painting the walls the same color is going to bring that out more in the wallpaper. Depen (MORE)

What can you paint on your wall?

Pretty much anything you want. there are many books on designs and a variety of types and colours of paint can be bought. They have pictures of wall designs on google images and on many websites so research it and check it out! Word of advice however, get permission from the owner of the house or (MORE)

What to do with air bubbles under newly painted interior walls?

Quick Fix: If you only want to get rid of the look of the bubble you can use aneedle to let the air out of the bubble and apply some kind ofpressure on it to hopefully have it show a bit less... However thisis really more of an aesthetic fix How to properly fix a bubble: There are 2 reasons why (MORE)

How do you paint a mural on an interior wall?

Start with a clean dry, neutrally painted wall. Get your dimensions accurately measured and on a piece of graft-paper, draw your design for the wall. Make sure it is to scale. If you have a projector, use it to project your drawing onto the wall and using chalk outline the drawing. If you d (MORE)

Can you use ceiling paint on interior walls?

It's not recommended. Paint intended for ceiling use is flat and usually high pigment. On a wall where it will be touched, bumped, scraped etc. the finish will not hold up and will need to be repainted.

What paint to use on interior walls?

The best paint that I have found for interior and exterior is BEHR: glidden and color place smear which means that as you apply it, it is taking it off again if you brush over the same spot. BEHR also has primer in it so that you don't have to waste even more time priming the surface first (I have r (MORE)

What colour should you paint your walls most your stuff is purple pink?

none,but white Another thought. Grey, a medium tone, true (or silver) grey would be nice, as would a navy blue if you want a bit of drama. Black would also work or as a compromise, one wall in black and the other three in silvery grey would really set off the purples and pinks. Word of adv (MORE)

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Many people use body paint at carnivals and fairs for children. Many entertainers also use body paint on stage to help bring more attention to the performance they are giving.

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