What are some popular choices of paint colours for interior walls?

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There are many different colours that are currently considered to be popular choices. Some of the common popular choices include classic grey, blue, blue-green, beige, yellow and taupe. Depending on the design of the particular room, almost any colour is suitable.
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How do you thicken up too runny interior wall paint?

You can thicken runny interior paint as long as it is a latexpaint. You can use a thickening agent called cellosize hydroxyethylcellulose. Do not put more than twenty five per

What is the best paint for an interior stone wall?

The best thing for an internal stone wall is lime wash as it lets the wall 'breathe' so lets moisture out. It prevents damp and mould. It can be bought in a reasonably wide va

What paint should you use for the interior walls?

Assuming you mean whether to choose latex or oil paint: latex is easier to apply and to clean up, and it doesn't have the penetrating odor of oil, but oil looks better, protec

What colour to paint walls if sofa aubergine?

That will depend on your lifestyle and favourite colours. If you entertain frequently and want a sophisticated look try taupe or grey for the walls, and paint your trim to ma

How do you remove rust stains from an interior painted wall?

Answer#1 With hydro-flouric acid. AKA, rust stain remover. Just don't get any of it on a glass surface, it will damage it! (NOT to be confused with hydro- chloric acid)

What to do with air bubbles under newly painted interior walls?

Quick Fix: If you only want to get rid of the look of the bubble you can use aneedle to let the air out of the bubble and apply some kind ofpressure on it to hopefully have i

How do you paint a mural on an interior wall?

Start with a clean dry, neutrally painted wall. Get your dimensions accurately measured and on a piece of graft-paper, draw your design for the wall. Make sure it is to sca

Can you use ceiling paint on interior walls?

It's not recommended. Paint intended for ceiling use is flat and usually high pigment. On a wall where it will be touched, bumped, scraped etc. the finish will not hold up and
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What paint to use on interior walls?

The best paint that I have found for interior and exterior is BEHR: glidden and color place smear which means that as you apply it, it is taking it off again if you brush over