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What are some popular choices of paint colours for interior walls?

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There are many different colours that are currently considered to be popular choices. Some of the common popular choices include classic grey, blue, blue-green, beige, yellow and taupe. Depending on the design of the particular room, almost any colour is suitable.
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What is the best paint for an interior stone wall?

  The best thing for an internal stone wall is lime wash as it lets the wall 'breathe' so lets moisture out. It prevents damp and mould. It can be bought in a reasonably w

What is the best type of paint for interior painting?

  There are many different answers for this as the circumstances require different paints. In a high moisture area such as a bathroom or kitchen area, a semi gloss is pref

Can you paint wood with wall paint?

You may be able to, but there is a very specific procedure you have  to follow to make sure it works. You might also want to look into  staining.

Is interior painting a good profession?

Yes, interior painting is a great career choice! It's super fun and fulfilling, plus you get to paint on walls all day. Plus, the average salary is $50,000 a year.

How do you remove exterior paint from your interior walls?

Use a citrus based stripper that will cling to the wall and allow it to work overnight. However, an easier option would be to paint directly over the exterior paint with a goo

I'm painting my bedroom light blue but where my bed goes i want a different colour wall to stand out so what colour do you think it could be?

The following colours will combine with light blue: CyanGreySilverBlackDark blueRoyal blueLight redDeep purpleLight purpleLime greenSeaweed green See the related link below f