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What are some pros and cons of fishing?

pros - very enjoyable, peaceful, relaxing cons- carp fishing is one of the most common causes of divorce as you have to be very dedicated, depending on the type of fishing y (MORE)

What are some Pros and cons of cosmetology?

Cons: You must deal with others in an intimate way as putting your hands in strangers hair.. There is a lot lot of competition snd limited earnings. And the biggest is the l (MORE)

What are some pros and cons of ethanol?

Advantages: . First, ethanol is a renewable, relatively safe fuel that can be used with few engine modifications. . The second benefit of ethanol is that it can improve ag (MORE)
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What are some pros and cons of electives?

If you get a bad grade in the class because you do not have anybackground or prior knowledge of thesubject. Some students couldalso take advantage of the electives and take a (MORE)

What are some pros and cons about volleyball?

pros: get into shape, tons of fun!, learn to be a team player, great sport to carry on in life, meet new friends. cons: ankle injuries, strained muscles but seriously dont l (MORE)
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What are some pros and cons of the reprogenetics?

A con is that there is no technology yet to fix an embryo. They are merely just thrown away. A pro is that a parent is able to enhance the quality of life for almost every co (MORE)