What are some reforms initiated during Roosevelt's term in office?

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Franklin D. Roosevelt had many reforms. The Food and Drug Administration was one. He created the SEC Securities and Exchange Commission to reform the stock market. The FCIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. reformed the banks to make them more stable. The Tennessee Valley Authority and Rural Electrification Administration helped rural areas get electricity.
Please rewrite your question. We need to know which Roosevelt you ask about.
Social security, WPA, banking reforms.
He made the first national park. (Yellowstone)
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What was the problem with reforms such as initiative referendum and recall?

I had the same question, and this is what i found on wikipedia, i know that it's not the most dependable resource, but GET OVER IT! Progressives moved to enable the citizenry to rule more directly and circumvent political bosses; California, Wisconsin, and Oregon took the lead. California governor H (MORE)

What are major events during Franklin Roosevelt's term as president?

Major Domestic Policy: Roosevelt's main issue during his term was coping with the Great Depression. In fact, he won presidency due to his "stop the depression" campaign. His ideas of relief, recovery, and reform were then put into play through the Neal Deal that helped end the Great Depression. Roo (MORE)

Who were the US Supreme Court justices that served during President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Terms?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was in office from March 1933 until April 1945, dying just a month after the beginning of his fourth elected Term. A total of seventeen US Supreme Court justices served on the bench during the President's tenure; Roosevelt nominated eight of them (despite the failure (MORE)

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How would you describe the role played by the Supreme Court during President FD Roosevelt's terms in office?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to four terms of office, and had two substantially different sets of US Supreme Court justices to deal with. From 1933 to 1937, Roosevelt faced a conservative and obstructionist Court that repeatedly declared his New Deal programs unconstitutional. The (MORE)

Was an Olympics held during Theodore Roosevelt's term?

Theodore Roosevelt served as President of the United States between September 14, 1901 and March 4, 1909. In that time, the 1904 Olympic Games, the officially unrecognized 1906 Intercalated Games, and the 1908 Olympic Games, were held.

What is the most historical event that happened during Obama's term in office?

Obama passed ObamaCare - something democrats have been at for over 50 years. He is the lowest spending president since Reagan, he spends even lower than Reagan! He did so much more, and if you're interested in Obama, I have written about a 3 page essay on him, so feel free to message me about that! (MORE)

What initiatives did the Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Hundred Days introduce?

FDR's 100 days of lawmaking is more commonly known as the New Deal. The programs were in response to America's crippled position as a result of the Depression. Some of the most common initiatives he started was the Emergency Banking Act which closed all banks and reopened sound ones with help from (MORE)

What were president Franklin D. Roosevelt's terms?

FDR was elected to 4 terms, in 1932, 1936, 1940, and 1944. 1st term : March 4, 1933 - January 20, 1937 2nd term : January 20, 1937 - January 20, 1941 3rd term : January 20, 1941 - January 20, 1945 4th term : January 20, 1945 - April 12, 1945 (died in office) His total time in office was (MORE)

What happened during Chester Arthur's term in office?

Nobody expected much from Chester A. Arthur. Although by all accounts a decent human being, he came to the presidency suddenly, when President Garfield was assassinated; up to that point, he had been known as a New York politician who helped Republican party loyalists and friends of his to get jobs (MORE)

Why are initiative and referendum democratic reforms?

The initiative and referendum are considered democratic reforms because they A. permit citizens to have a more direct role in lawmaking B. let all registered voters select their state's presidential electors C. extend the right to vote to 18-year-old citizens D. allow resisdents of one state to brin (MORE)

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That's actually a good question. The romance of her husband being an astronaut and her a political figure is what keeps drawing the focus not her actual accomlishments. Not to belittle the hororable act commited against those gunned down, but the fact of the matter is there are people murdered daily (MORE)

What is the tiger initiative in health care reform?

The TIGER Initiative aims to enable practicing nurses and nursing students to fully engage in the unfolding digital electronic era in healthcare. The purpose of the initiative is to identify information/knowledge management best practices and effective technology capabilities for nurses.

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What happen during Washingtons second term in office?

He set a precedent for America's president to only be able to serve two terms in office. He also led an armed attack against the farmers against the Whiskey rebellion. When he was about to attack, he pardoned the farmers, in which the pardon let the farmers free and without getting sent to jail or (MORE)

What happened during Roosevelt's presidency?

Which one Teddy or Franklin, Franklin took the US through all but afew months of WWII, he intitiated the New Deal which helped bringus out of the Great Depression before that. The New Deal includedSocial Security, the first real government help for seniors. Healso brought changes to the Appalachians (MORE)

What were the two major complaints about the new deal during Roosevelt's first term in office?

The new deal was a large package of. legislation with many different parts with different complaints against them. Some parts were objectionable because they . violated the powers of Congress as defined by the US Constitution . expanded big government at the expense of individual freedom. . cre (MORE)

How can a president be removed from office during his term of office?

I know of three ways that a U.S. President can be legally removed from office in the midst of his/her term: . Someone convinces him/her to resign. . The U.S. House of Representatives presents grounds for the impeachment of the President, and at least two thirds of the U.S. Senate assembled find (MORE)

What happened during James Polk term in office?

Polk added over 800,000 square miles to western territory and extended the boundary of the country to the Pacific Ocean. He also lowered tariffs and created an independent federal treasury. He only served one term as promised.

What are some famous reformations that occurred during the 18th century?

Many reforms happened in the 18'th century, Although It would be much more easy to name some from a specific area, here are a few. The Bourbon reforms, which where introduced under the spanish crown. In the ottoman empire, various reforms where attempted with limited success. The enlightenment which (MORE)

How did Eleanor Roosevelt's change the role of the first lady during Franklin d Roosevelt's time in office?

Before Eleanor Roosevelt, first ladies took a very subservient role, playing hostess and dealing with children and other domestic issues. Eleanor Roosevelt was the first women who took a stance on issues and embraced a leadership role. She traveled on her husband's behalf, visiting factories and sp (MORE)