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First and foremost - Spell things correctly! You asked 'Resume writing tips?" and it should be 'Resume writing tips?' As someone that hires individuals on a regular basis, such a spelling error would cause me to send the resume to the circular file immediately.

Be concise. Be accurate. Taylor the resume to the job that you want, stressing the previous work and education that is directly on point with the position.
Use resume writing power words to highlight your skills and abilities! Power words will help you expand your resume writing vocabulary, and emphasize the in-demand skills and abilities you possess.

Make your resume short and simple because sometimes companies do not want a resume that is too flashy. Also make your resume precise especially with contact numbers, objectives and work experience.

Another tips is to use "behavioral statements" the way teachers do for their lesson plans -- instead of saying "I was a cashier at X Grocery store," you write down the specific tasks you are qualified to perform, like "operate a cash register," "count money and make change," and "assist customers in finding and purchasing products."

More is better. Instead of giving just the overview of your job, use the behavioral statements to break down each job into detailed behaviors that could relate to any other job. Knowing how to make change, for example, is a useful skill that might be utilized in many jobs, as is knowing how to cope with a disgruntled customer.
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One can find free resume writing tips in high school or college at the career center, or online at Monster, Resumizer, Job Search, and searches online for Daily Writing Tips.
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