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What are some similarities and differences between mary shelley's Frankenstein the book and the movie?

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The movie "Mary Shelly's Frankenstein" differs significantly from the book. I think that the title of the movie should have just been "Frankenstein" if they were just going to change most of the significant details of the book.

The first change I noticed was when the crew first met Victor Frankenstein. In the book, they saw the monster first and then met Frankenstein. In the movie, Frankenstein was being chased by the monster and they just heard him after they had already met Victor.

The next change that I noticed was the extent of Victor and Elizabeth's relationship. Their relationship in the book showed that they weren't affectionate to eachother yet. In the movie, Victor had already proposed to her before he even left for Ingolstadt.

The other change that I noticed was how Victors mother passed. In the book, Victor's mother wanted to adopt Elizabeth strictly so that Victor and her could get married and then after Elizabeth got scarlet fever, so did Victor's mother and thats what she died from. In the movie, Victor's mother dies giving birth and it is Victor's father that decides to adopt Elizabeth.
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