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Some of the numerous similarities between Christianity and Zoroastrianism include:
  • Monotheism
    Christianity worships the Abrahamic God; Zoroastrianism worships Ahura Mazda.
    In each case, God or Ahura Mazda created the world.
  • Holy Spirit
    Ahuramazda has a Holy Spirit that sometimes seems to be him and at other times seems to be independent. The Holy Spirit of Christianity has the same characteristics.
  • Saviour
    Christianity has Jesus who was born of a virgin and will return at the end of time to defeat evil and establish his kingdom; Zoroastrianism says that the Saoshyant or saviour will be born of a virgin and will lead humanity in the last battle against evil.
  • The devil
    The Christian Satan parallels the Zoroastrian Ahriman or Angra Mainyu.
  • Angels
  • Archangels
    Christianity has seven archangels; Zoroastrianism has seven Amesha Spenta.
  • Immortality of soul and life after death.
  • Heaven as a place of reward for the righteous, and hell as a place of punishment
  • Resurrection at the end of the world, when the dead revive and the new world will have a fresh life and new beginning.
  • The last judgement
  • white clothing for clergy members in church in both religions
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