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What are some slogans on saving water?

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One funny slogan on saving water is "Conserve water -- shower with a friend."
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What are some slogans to save wildlife?

Don't be WILD to WILDLIFE. If they ??? "Save WILDLIFE" Wildlife deserves a wild time too! Help us be free by saving a tree!!! Help us be free by saving a tree!!! The a

From where can you get save water slogans?

Well ill just type them for you since I'm the sweetest girl you'll ever meet :) And do not wait for the clock to click twice. Be Water Wise Fix leaky sinks. etc... If i

What are the top ten slogans to save water?

If people are waiting for slogans to save water .... we are doomed  forever.   Save water save lives?    Don't be an mumma's boy and close the taps!   Remember

What are some slogans about water?

Here are two:   Water - the beverage from God   Water - the safest drink of all

What are some slogans on save water?

  How about Reduce, Reuse and Recycle? I think it will make a perfect slogan for water conservation, because these are three main steps in saving water. Reduce and reuse h