What are some slogans on saving water?

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One funny slogan on saving water is "Conserve water -- shower with a friend."
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What are some slogans to save water?

Every drop you save now will save the children of tomorrow. Save water today for tomorrow Put a stop to the drop four minute shower not a quarter hour don't wast

What are the best slogans to save water?

Water is life! save water, save life!!. Save water secure future! Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink! Conserve water, our life's on the brink! Todays rain wate

Slogans on saving water in french?

Les petits gestes au quotidien . Boire l'eau du robinet, cela évite le transport de l'eau minérale et les déchets plastiques! . Respecter les doses de lessive recom

What are some slogans on save water?

How about Reduce, Reuse and Recycle? I think it will make a perfect slogan for water conservation, because these are three main steps in saving water. Reduce and reuse helps u