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What are some slogans on saving water?

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One funny slogan on saving water is "Conserve water -- shower with a friend."
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What are slogans on water saving?

water is life , water is bright everybody know water is right for life.

Slogans to save water in hindi?

aap pani ko bachao aur paani apko bachayega!

Slogans on save water in Hindi?

jal hi dhan hai jal ki jeevan hai jal hai to hum hai jal hai to kal hai

What are some slogans on saving electricity?

When you switch off your electricity, you are give our earth a rest, this rest could mean the future of tomorrow, the future of tomorrow rests on us, even turning off lights m

Slogan on save water save life?

One drop of water is precious, so don't waste your time, just save water.

What are some slogans to save wild life?

Protect wildlife, protect nature... Preserve earth, save animals... Conserve wildlife for a better world... OR Save our future, by protecting our nature

Slogans on saving water in french?

Les petits gestes au quotidien   * Boire l'eau du robinet, cela évite le transport de l'eau minérale et les déchets plastiques!  * Respecter les doses de lessive recom

What are some slogans on saving the animals?

Some favorites of mine are...   *Animals are friends, not food.   *Turn over a new leaf, become a vegetarian.   *Ever noticed how humanitarian sounds a lot like veget