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What are some store names that are latin?

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I saw a tile store called Terra Firma once... And Veni, Vidi, Wi-fi would be a great name for an ISP.
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Why is your name latin?

In the United States, Latino stands for Latino Americano (Spanish for Latin American), or people whose native language originated from ancient Latin. It includes Spanish, Fren

What are some french store names?

boucherie - butchers supermarché - supermarket hypermarché - hypermarket boulangerie- the bakers patisserie- sells cakes etc

What are some names of stores at a mall?

well that depends on where you live. the mall in my city has Sears, gamestop, ahlers clocks, spencers gifts, hot topic, scheels, journey, buckle, victorias secret and pink, ho

What are some long Latin names?

Male: Agathangelus, Alexandrus, Ambrosianus, Artemidorus, Bartholomaeus, Callistratus, Catotigernos, Christophorus, Constantinus, Decebalus, Eleutherius, Epaphroditus, Frithun