What are some traditional dresses of Finland?

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There are many differend traditional costumes in Finland. National Dresses or Kansallispuvut in finnish are widely presented in a nice web page. Link can be found below this text under 'Related Links'.
Unfortunately it's only in finnish but here ase some translations you might need:
- Maakunnittain = By province
- Paikkakunnat = District (City, town, municipality)
- Suomen kartta = Map of Finland (Suomi is Finland in finnish ;) )
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How do people dress in Finland?

In "Finnsters" which is the Finnish version of hipsters. They also wear clogs and carry small fish in their pockets to ward off trolls.

How do they dress in Finland?

In The winter they wear thick jackets scarves, slippers, thickSocks, water proof gloves, ear muffs, hat, non-slip boots,track-suit bottoms. However In the summer, they wear s

What is a Finland tradition?

One quite commonly known tradition is to sauna (as in bathe in a sauna) and then run naked into an icy lake. Then back in the sauna, maybe roll around in the snow for a while,
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How do children from Finland dress?

Pretty much the same as all the first world coutries. There are two things to say, though: 1) Finnish pupils don't have school uniforms. So that's out of the question. 2)
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What is the tradition dress?

Traditional dress is the dress of a particular culture. In Korea,for example, traditional dress is called hanbok.