What are some traditional dresses of Finland?

There are many differend traditional costumes in Finland. National Dresses or Kansallispuvut in finnish are widely presented in a nice web page. Link can be found below this text under 'Related Links'.
Unfortunately it's only in finnish but here ase some translations you might need:
- Maakunnittain = By province
- Paikkakunnat = District (City, town, municipality)
- Suomen kartta = Map of Finland (Suomi is Finland in finnish ;) )
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What is Bulgaria's traditional dress?

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What is the traditional dressing of Andorra?

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Ghoo, Wang zyu, Pangdein, Kera, Syambu, for women,Ghoo, Gyador, Wandhachee and Syambu thuree for men.
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What is a traditional Easter meal in Finland?

Mämmi. It's a rough, black pudding looking dessert which is sometimes mistaken for chocolate pudding until one tastes it and disappoints.
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