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He feared insects.
Salvador Dalí was 1.72 m (5ft 7-3/4 in), according to his prison record when he was 20 years old. However his hairdresser/biographer Luis Llongueras says Dalí was 1.74 m (5ft 8-1/2in) tall.

Actually Dali's fear of insects was an important face. He added ants to his most important and most talked about work, "The Persistence of Memory". Other important works included grasshoppers, flies and other insects. These icons helped to shape Dali's persona. You can see more examples of these works online, try salvadordaliexperts.com as an example. Look for the "Persistence of Memory" and notice the ants in the image.
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Who is or was Salvador Dali?

Salvador Dali was an amazing surreal artist! He was Spanish. Salvador Dali was a surrealist.

Who was Salvador Dali?

He was an important surrealist artist,who had adhd treatments symptoms clinical trials. Please see related link for a pic of one of his more identifiable pieces.

Did Salvador Dali go to college?

Yes, he did, bearing in mind that the Spanish school system of his time was not the same as present-day American

Is salvador Dali dead?

Yes, Salvador Dali died on January 23, 1989 in Figueres from heart failure with respiratory complications.

Did Salvador Dali go to school?

Of course he did. Drawing school in Figueres, and Art Academy San Fernando in Madrid..

Who did Salvador Dali inspire?

Salvador Dali inspired many people. Though he inspired those who liked his paintings and those who wanted to be artists... But not only did he inspire people, he also showed people different paintings that could give them different ideas, he taught people to use their imagination after all he painted things that didn't seem real and made them seem real.

Where is Salvador Dali buried?

Dalí is buried in a crypt in the Theatre-Museum basement in Figueres in Spain. He is amongst his work.

Where did Salvador Dali go to school?

The young Dali attended the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid.. From http://www.salvadordalimuseum.org/history/biography.html

Why did Salvador Dali die?

He died in 1989 and he died because if heart failure and because God knew it was the time to let him die.

What are facts about Salvador Dali?

Produced over 1,500 works of art in his lifetime. Was expelled from San Francisco School of Fine Arts in 1926. Wrote an autobiography in 1942, titled "The Secret Life of Salvador Dali." Had an intense fear of grasshoppers. Most famous painting is " The Persistence Of Memory."

What are some Facts about El salvador?

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Where did Salvador Dali come from?

Dali was born in 1904 in the town Figueras, Catalonia, Spain. There is now a museum of his works in the town..

What are some self portraits of Salvador Dali?

''Self-Portrait in the Studio' ca 1919.. 'Self-Portrait with Raphaelesque Neck' 1921-1922. 'Self Portrait with L'Humanite' 1923. 'Cubist Self Portrait with La Publicitat' 1923

When did Salvador Dali get married?

After living together since 1929, Dalí and Gala married in a civil ceremony in 1934, and remarried in a Catholic ceremony in 1958 in Montrejic

Who was Salvador Dali influenced by?

Dali's painterly skills were influences by the Renaissance masters, he was also influenced by Dadaism which remained a constant influence throughout all his work. His classical influences included Raphael, Bronzino, Francisco de Zurbaran, Jan Vermeer. He used both classical and modernist techniques, sometimes in separate works, and sometimes combined. Dalí grew a flamboyant moustache, influenced by 17th-century Spanish master painter Diego Velazquez. The moustache became an iconic trademark of his appearance for the rest of his life.

What are some What are facts about El Salvador?

The original name of El Salvador was Cōzcatlān ("the land of precious things"), in the Nahuatl language. When the Spanish conquistadors ventured into the area in the early sixteenth century, the country was renamed Provincia De Nuestro Señor Jesucristo El Salvador Del Mundo ("Province of our Lord Jesus Christ, Savior of the World"). which was subsequently shortened to El Salvador. 1

What is salvador Dalis full name?

His full name is Salvador Felipe Jancito Dali Y Domenech. He also has a nickname Avida Dollars

What are some interesting facts about Salvador Dali?

He and his older brother, who died before he was born, had the same name. One of the greatest surrealists of our time, best known for his ability to translate dreams into artwork, "hand painted dream photographs" he called them. He was also a sculptor, filmmaker, writer and an insane person or just wanted people to believe that he was insane. Salvador had an intense fear of grasshoppers, germs and assassination. He dedicated his life to proving that he was a genius. As a child he was frequently expelled from school. He liked his wife because she changed her clothes three times a day. He was notorius for not knowing how to count money. He was afraid to expose his feet. To ward off evil spirits, he carried a piece of lucky driftwood around. When in public, he would jump up and down to get attention. He was kicked out of the official surrealist society in 1934. His nick name was Avida Dollars, which, roughly translated means "eager for dollars". Presented a speech to the Surrealist Society in London in a deep diving suit. Salvador Dali's pet llama was called "Dali Llama" When Dali came to Paris first thing he did was visiting Picasso. He said he was very excided and full of respect, like he was going to visit the pope. When he was introduced to Picasso he said to him "It is big honour to met you, I didn't even go to Louvre, I came to see you first. And Picasso replied: "You did the right thing!" Recently Made movie about him.

Why did Salvador Dali start art?

There is usually one and the same answer to those questions 'Why did XXX become an artist?' Because he felt he had the talent and the urge. It is as simple as that!

What are some famous quotes of Salvador Dali?

"I am painting pictures which make me die for joy, I am creating with an absolute naturalness, without the slightest aesthetic concern, I am making things that inspire me with a profound emotion and I am trying to paint them honestly."

When did Salvador Dali start painting?

Actually, Dali was 10 years old, and the first painting he ever created was a little impressionistic landscape of Figueras, where he grew up.

What inspired Salvador Dali to paint?

There is usually one and the same answer to those questions 'Why did XXX become an artist?' Because he felt he had the talent and the urge. It is as simple as that! well, yes and no... it was mainly his wife, Gala. He painted many paintings of her.

What did Salvador Dali start?

Some people think he started Surrealism, which he did not. He was, though, one of the best known and most popular of the surrealist painters.

How many wifes did salvador Dali have?

Salvador Dali had one wife called Elena Ivanovna Diakonova, but he liked to call her Gala. She came from Russia and died on June the 10th in 1982.

What is a weird fact about Salvador Dali?

Once in school he happened to fall down the stairs. It attracted much attention. After that he 'fell' down the stairs every day, because he always wanted to be in the center of attention.

What is Salvador Dali famous for?

Salvador Dali is a surrealist painter, well-known for his eccentricity. His best known painting is probably "The Persistence of Memory," and it, among other pieces by him, are known for their interesting clocks. A famous quote by him is "The only difference between myself and a madman is that I am not mad.". Dali was a famous Spanish painter of the Surrealist movement, most well-known by his painting The Persistence of Memory , which features a landscape with melting clocks.

Did Salvador Dali have an ocelot?

Yes, he did. Some say he called it Ozzie. Dali's ocelot was named Baboo, and was trained & owned by one of Dali's managers Capt. Moore.

Was Salvador Dali gay?

While not exclusively gay, he admitted to having a number of gay relationships. Yes, he was married to a woman; but that is not proof of anything, either. It is clear from his paintings and his writings that he was very much in love with his wife, Gala. Still, just because he was in love with his wife, doesn't mean he wasn't gay. Because gay men can love women, and will marry them to hide behind, when they are fearful enough of their true nature.

Some unimportant facts about Hera?

There are no unimportant facts about Hera because it's everything you need to know. And, besides if you think its unimportant than you must already know it.

Where did Salvador Dali study art?

At drawing school in his native town of Figueres, and at the Art Academy in Madrid.

In which country is the gallery of Salvador Dali?

The most important one is the one he founded in Figueres, near Barcelona, Spain.Then there is one in Florida and one in Paris.

Did Salvador Dali have a brother?

Salvador Dali's brother died of meningitis at the age of two, nine months before his younger brother, Salvador Dali, was born.

How can this be - Salvador Dali had a brother and as a matter of fact his brother was an amazing surreal artist but despite this most people don't even know Salvador Dali had a brother?

The only other boy in the family (also named Salvador) had died 9 months before the famous painter was born. There was also a younger sister. These are biographical facts, and are in accordance with Dali's own writings and with all biographies written about him. If you have this astonishing information, the world, and the art historians would be interested in knowing where your information cames from.

What colors does Salvador Dali use?

Salvador likes darker colors because he was always sad and most dark colors mean sadness... he mostly likes midnight blue or any other blue

How did Salvador Dali have an impact on art?

He was the foremost propagator of Surrealism, which interested many people and inspired many artists. After what he did, a lot of people knew about surrealism, even if it wasn't common knowledge. He revolutionize his time.

How many siblings did salvador Dali have?

He had a sister named Ana Maria who was three years younger and anolder brother who died before Dali was born.

At what time did Salvador Dali die?

Dali died of heart failure on January 23 rd 1989 and is buried under the geodesic dome in the Teatre-Museu Dalí.

What caused the of death of Salvador Dali?

On January 23, 1989, while his favorite record of Tristan and Isolde played, Salvador Dali died of heart failure at the age of 84.

Who made the watch of Salvador Dali?

One of Salvador Dali's most famous paintings is "The Persistence ofMemory," which shows several watches melting in a surreallandscape.

Was Salvador Dali close to his family?

Salvador Dali lived in the shadow of his deceased older brother who had died nine months before Salvador's birth. This older brother's name who had died before Salvador Dali's birth was also named Salvador. When he was five, Dalí was taken to his brother's grave and told by his parents that he was his brother's reincarnation.. Dali would believe this for the rest of his life. Dali's parents both were supportive of his artistic talents but tension between his father and him had always existed. His father was a lawyer and was seemingly a very disciplinary father towards the young Dali. His mother was perhaps more so the one to help and push Dali in becoming an artist since Dali's father had other plans for his son's future. Despite this his father was still supportive of Dali's artistic inclinations and financially supported Dali towards becoming an artist and helped him get into art school. Dali's father actually accompanied Dali when he took his entry exams to hopefully get into art school. His father after Dali had taken the entry exam supported and calmed Dali by reassuring him that his still life piece that he drew for the exam would get him into the school even though the young Dali had thought he had done a poor rendition in comparison to the other hopeful students. Dalí's father also organized an exhibition of Dali's charcoal drawings in their family home. Dali had a younger sister named Ana Maria which I am not sure of their relationship. His sister did however write a book called Dali As Seen By His Sister, so perhaps this book could possibly shed some light on their relationship.. but I haven't read it. Salvador's mother died of cancer when Dali was only sixteen. Her death Dali said was the greatest blow he ever experienced in his life. He loved his mother dearly and in losing her I think troubles that had always existed between his father and him would grow after her death since she would not be there to support Dali or quell whatever problems her son and husband may have had between them in the future. Dali's father was angered after Dali dropped out of art school and when Dali worked with the other surrealists Dali's father believed them to be a bad influence on his son's morals. His father at this point highly disapproved Dali's life style and their relationship in turn grew more hostile. When Dali's father had learned of Dali's romance with Gala.. who was ten years older than Dali and she was also already married to Paul Eluard Dali's father was very close to a breaking point. The final straw came when Dali's father read in the newspaper about a drawing of Dali's called the "Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ" in which Dali had written a provocative inscription "Sometimes, I spit for fun on my mother's portrait" Dali's father asked his son to recant publicly but Dali refused perhaps being afraid he would be thrown out of the surrealist group. Dali's father then disinherited him and told him to never set foot in his home town of Cadaques again. Dali reacted to his disinheritance by shaving all the hair from his head including his eyebrows and buried his hair in the sand... which is symbolic of his banishment from his family... Dali and his father never saw each other again (as far as I know anyway) and up until this point his father was still financially supporting Dali for the most part since Dali had not quite reached his fame. Dali would continue to struggle with money for many years even after he became famous.. WHICH I am stating this because someone on yahoo answers said Salvador never had to be a starving artist because his father supported him... WHICH is INCORRECT! Dali and Gala struggled with money after his disinheritance and for quite some time even after Dali had become famous. Dali noted in his autobiography The Secret Life Of Salvador Dali that the house which he built in Port Lligat, Cadaques had a view of his family home where he had grown up... Dali reveals more than I have written here about his feelings and his relationship to his family in his autobiography.. I highly suggest reading it if you want to know the man that is surrealism... Sources: As an artist myself who was kicked out of my parents home and on my ways of being disinherited I have found I have much in common with Salvador Dali and found his writings helpful. I have read Salvador Dali's autobiography as a way to attempt to decode my own life as well as to figure out how he managed to gain success on his own. Like Dali's father my father always had other plans for my future but still supported to an extent my artistic endeavors even if mostly financially. My father sent me to art school where I dropped out for many of the same reasons that Dali did. My father and I's relationship has always been strained and my mother has always been there to help calm our relationship. Luckily I still have my mother unlike Dali whose mother died when he was 16. At this point in my life I am stuck... and by reading Dali's autobiography I am attempting to fit the pieces together of my own life. My father still supports me financially but I have been mostly cast aside from my family otherwise and it seems that right around the corner I will be completely disinherited.. My father disapproves of my life style.. and he disapproves of my girlfriend.. just as Dali's father disapproved of his life and of Gala..the woman who had saved his son from going insane... I will not be a famous artist like Dali.. but I most continue on anyway even if those I know have committed suicide left and right of me... just as in Dali's life... So Dali.. if you are in the big spiral in the sky.. help me form an eggshell over my soft interior as you did... Cosmonaut of the future throw off your space suit and long live Robin Hood and Tarzan. Give up this absurd voyage into space.. But run through our humble terrestrial dwelling! Long live the bicycle! Enrich your own internal richness! Have only one goal.. one desire.. that to live.. and to live for a long time!

Did Salvador Dali only paint?

No, he also made sculptures. And, according to what I've read, he also made 2 ridicuously cool mannequins for a department store, which the owners remodeled w/out Dali's permission. Needless to say, Dali spent a night in jail.

When did salvador Dali paint?

Salvador Dali painted long time ago back in the early 1900 when he was alive

Why should you have a Salvador Dali mustache?

If you're a fan of Salvador Dali you could have one as an omage to the artist you love. Also his moustache has become a symbol of eccentricity, so if you consider yourself to be an eccentric person maybe you should try it!

Was Salvador Dali a sculptor?

He may have made some sculptures but he was best known for his surrealist paintings.

When was salvador Dali diagnosed as schizophrenic?

They are doing studies now on his DNA. Nowadays it would seem thathe was, but it's just a bunch of symptoms, so he might not havebeen understood to have had the sickness at his time.

What did salvador Dali have a fear of?

I read this in a biography. He was afraid of ants, because as a kid, he was taking care of an injured bat. The next day, he came back to nurse the bat, but ant were crawling over its dead corpse. Needless to say, it was a disturbing motif, that he later used in his artwork to represent death and decay. For example, in the Persistence of Memory, ants crawl on some of the clocks.

What did Salvador Dali pathologically fear?

He feared grasshoppers, germs, and assassination. Some believe he wasn't really afraid of these; he just wanted people to think of him in a certain way(he was an egomaniac). :D

In what city was Salvador Dali born?

Salvador Dali was born in Figueres, Spain on May 11, 1904. His parents encouraged pursuing the arts and Dali enrolled at a Madrid art academy to pursue his studies.

What are some of the most famous works of art by Salvador Dali?

The most famous works by artist Salvador Dali include: Landscape Near Figueras, Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee, Crucifixtion, Still Live Moving Fast, Apparition of Face and Fruit, The Face of War, Geopoliticus Child, The Invisible Man, and The Persistence of Memory.

What is the fragrance of Salvador Dali perfume?

There is no information on what the fragrance of Salvador Dali perfume is, however, fragrances by Salvador Dali perfume are: Dali, Laguna Maravilla, Laguna, Sun & Roses, Sea & Sun in Cadaques, Laguna Homme, Dali Pour Homme, Dalissime, Dalilight, Purple Light, Ruby lips, Itislove, itisdream, to name a few.