What are some examples of weaknesses?

It depends on what area or aspect of life you have in mind. You might be referring to human behaviour in general or something more specific. Please feel free to ask the questi (MORE)

What are some weaknesses that are also strengths?

Most qualities are both weaknesses and strengths. It's a matter of degree and also of right application in the right context. For example, objectivity is often considered a (MORE)

What are some of France's weakness?

Despite technological prowess, outstanding fortifications, and astrong alliance with Great Britain, France's weaknesses duringWorld War II were significant. The nation was pol (MORE)

What are some weakness?

"One of my weaknesses is that I have a hard time saying no, and can tend to take on too much work; on the other hand I work very well under pressure and can multi-task easily (MORE)

What are some weakness of Articles of Confederation?

The Articles are weak because they were created by men with fear in their minds. After breaking away from British rule, it was important to Americans to establish a set of rul (MORE)
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What are some weakness for Vespasian?

there are not a lot of weaknesses that he had, but one that he didhave was that he charged taxes on his people which made them moreunsupportive of his royaly as an emperor.