What are sources of resistance to change?

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  • Self Interest
    Changes may require a different skill set, affect power status, change relationships with others, social status or self-esteem, and there for be against the personal interest.

  • Uncertainty
    People may be concerned as to how the change will affect their job and lives, and humanly expect the worst.

  • Lack of trust
    The source of the change isn't respected or trusted. "What does he know about how we actually get things done here?". Especially if the change comes from outside the department.

  • Different perspectives
    The change may be viewed from an entirely different perspective, for instance the engineers view v.s. the accountants view. This can happen especially when not all the angles have been considered.

  • Inflexibility
    Some people are just intolerant to change. The are more vested in protecting the status qua no matter how clear the benefits of change would be.

Here are some countermeasures one can use to address these resistances to change

Self Interest Create a corporate culture where employees can feel confident they will be retained and valued for their skill set. If the department can't use the skill set anymore, the employee should feel confident that he can use his skills elsewhere in the company, or that he'll be helped to train new relevant skill sets.

Uncertainty Ensure sufficient information is communicated about the proposed change. Additional background information should be available. Option to ask questions should be available and always answered.
Give the organization sufficient time to get used to the idea, also communicating well upfront is helpful.

Lack of trust Change from within. Get a respectable colleague from the to be affected department(s) to join the project team. Collaborate to reach the proposed change, reach consensus. He or she can become an advocate for communicating the proposal to the affected department.

Different perspectives Ensure you have a well rounded team that can look from the different viewpoints. Include the to be affected departments in the discussion. Hear all the opinions upfront and include their feedback into the change. This provides a more well rounded idea.

Inflexibility Some people will always resist change. Having a trial period first can help ease them into this, also provides reassurance that if the change doesn't help, we can go back to the old situation. However, in the end, if the change is clearly beneficial, there may still be a few individuals that are unwilling to change along. This could be the deadwood of the organization that would be better suited to work elsewhere...
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Why is change always resisted in organizations?

Answer . All systems, from the simple cell to the biggest organizations, have resistance against a change. This is part of the inbuilt survival mechanism; otherwise the system would easily fall apart or is vulnerable against influences coming from the outside. The once established structure, grow (MORE)

Why does a lamp change resistance?

Answer . Resistance changes with temperature. The lamp becomes hotter, resistance changes.. Answer . An incandescent light-bulb takes just enough electric current to make a piece of metal glow brightly enough to give out visible light yet not get so hot that it melts and breaks. The piece of (MORE)

How Does Resisting Social Change Happen?

Resisting Social Change, how does it happen . The fact is, some people resist social change. In the midst of continual technological breakthroughs, some people harbor vested interests (financial or otherwise) in maintaining the status quo. These people lose something in response to social chang (MORE)

What substance resists pH changes?

A Solution A Solution a solution However: Mastering Biology by Pearson says that the answer is a BUFFER. Do NOT select "solution," as that is incorrect. .

What is another term for resistance to change?

People show tendencies to be "resistant to change". Even inaction becomes an action that reveals resistance. Some of the common causes or descriptions can include: . Inertia - the person cannot go forward or back and any forward movement is restricted. . Apathy - the person has given up on some (MORE)

How do you overcome the resistance of organizational change?

Upper management has to LEAD the change. Without the buy-in of upper management, nothing will change. Again, management must LEAD the effort. Management can be convinced if you can put dollars on the problem. But management can be thick-headed, if not actually stupid, so you will need the info-b (MORE)

Why do employees resist change?

Employees may resist change because of fear of losing their currentpositions. They may also resist because they believe the changewill put them under more scrutiny or put more pressure on them.

How do buffers resist changes in pH?

Buffers are a mixture of a weak acid and its conjugate base (or weak base and its conjugate acid: in either case a pair of species linked by exchange of a proton). The acid reacts with (small amounts of) added base while the base reacts with (small amounts of) added acid: therefore pH change is mini (MORE)

Why do individuals and organisations resist change?

we do not change for the sake of change, fear of losing money, fear of losing power and status, fear of assignment, fear of having commitments, fear of not being involve in the change process, fear of being involve in a change process. fear of not having commitence of learning newthings.

Why do people generally resist change?

Simply because they are afraid of changes. Every person have a position and in general people are not sure they can retain there position in changed circumstances that is why they resist changes.

How does air resistance change speed?

Air resistance acts in the opposite direction of an object's motion to reduce its speed. The force of air resistance or drag is given by the following formula: F D = 1/2 A C D ρ v 2 where A is the projected area of the object C D is the drag coefficient ρ is the air density v 2 is the (MORE)

A tendency to resist a change in motion?

This is newton's second law. An object in motion will stay in motion unless another force acts on it. Answer2: Inertia. Newton's 1st law states no force , no change or no change no force.

How the resistance of a wire changes with temperature?

Resistivity of conductors increases with temperature, with semiconductors it is opposite, I believe always - but don't take that as truth! Look up the temp coefficient for whatever material you're dealing with - if it is positive, the resistance increases with temperature; if it is negative it decre (MORE)

Will current flow in a higher resistance or in lower resistance if they are connected in parallel to a voltage source?

Current will always flow in both resistors, but the one with the lower resistance will have more current flow through it. The value of the current in each resistor is calculated by dividing the voltage of the source by the resistance of the individual resistor. As long as the capability of the (MORE)

Why do inductors resists a change in current?

An inductor charges and discharges. When an alternating current come up, the positive signal of the current quickly charges up the inductor. when the negative signal part of the same cycle comes up the inductor develops a potential to opposes it. this is because any charge developed opposes if there (MORE)

Internal resistance of voltage sources?

An ideal voltage source has zero internal resistance so that thevoltage stays constant with any load current. A practical voltagesource should have less than 5% voltage drop at the rated loadcurrent.

What is the Change in resistivity of wire when its length is doubled?

Resistivity of a wire of a certain material is independent of the wire's length. The only thing that would change is resistance. Since R= ρ / A , in the case of length doubling, resistance will also double. Resistance (R, Ω) Resistivity ( ρ , Ω m) Length ( , m) Cross surface area ( (MORE)

Why do managers resist change?

Mangers resist change , because they fear of the expectations or new tasks given which may impact his/or her business. They resist change so that employees and staff are not affected by change into different tasks and obligations.

Why does the project manager frequently resist changes?

Change often requires a significant amount of work in terms of adjusting the project scope, technical requirements, cost review, schedule review, resource management issue and quality factors. The later that change happens in the lifecycle of a project that bigger the impact and higher likelihood th (MORE)

What will be change in resistance of a wire if you stretch it?

If you stretch a wire, it would become longer, and therefore thinner. The cross sectional area will decrease and so the resistance will increase. in the real world, if it's stranded wire, the strands will likely break. Solid wire would not stretch evenly, and in either case insulation will tear, (MORE)

Why internal resistance of an ideal voltage source is zero and an ideal current source is infinty?

Ideal sources do not exist in reality, they are simply theoreticalentities to aid in the process of circuit analysis and design. Inactual usage they are used as parts of models of real sources. In a first approximation of a real source we must add internalresistance to the ideal source (at higher l (MORE)

Is static electricity and resistance inexhaustible source?

Static electricity is inexhaustible. It's just the result ofseparating charges, and all matter is composed of charges. But you have to put energyinto normal matter in order to separate the charges, and that's theenergy that you get back when the static electricity discharges. Resistance is just the (MORE)

Why is the internal resistance of a voltage source made to be low?

When a voltage source, such as a battery or a generator, is on open circuit -in other words, when it is not supplying a load- the voltage appearing across its terminals is called its 'open circuit voltage' and corresponds numerically to its electromotive force. However, when the voltage source (MORE)

What is the effect of internal resistance of the source to its output voltage?

When a load current flows, as well as flowing through the load, it also flows, internally, through the voltage source. A load current, therefore, causes an internal voltage drop which, by Kirchhoff's Voltage Law, opposes, the electromotive force of the source. The larger the load current, the greate (MORE)

How can the resistance of a wire be changed?

Reduce the resistance: -- Use a shorter piece of wire. -- Use thicker wire. -- Cool the wire. Increase the resistance: -- Use a longer piece of wire. -- Use thinner wire. -- File a nick in the piece of wire you have. -- Stretch the wire. -- Heat the wire.

What change in resistivity if length is doubled?

Resistivity is a property of a substance, and doesn't depend on the dimensions of a sample. If the length of a conductor is doubled, then its resistance doubles but its resistivity doesn't change.

Why is the internal resistance of current source is in parallel?

for the same reason that internal resistance of voltage source is in series. the internal resistance is modeling a nonideal characteristic of the source. in the current source the nonideal internal resistance reduces current delivery to load, so it must be in parallel to bypass some of the curre (MORE)

How is the resistance value for a linear resistance changed?

The resistance value for linear resistance is changed by changing the wavelength of the current or by installing additional resistors in the circuit. This restricts the amount of electricity which flows through the wiring. The resistance value for the linear resistance can be changed through strain (MORE)