What are sperm whales teeth made of?

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A sperm whale possesses teeth with cementum cells overlying dentin cells. Unlike human teeth (which are comprised mostly of enamel on the tooth portion outside of the gum) sperm whale teeth have cementum outside the gum. Only in larger whales does some enamel show where the cementum has been worn away on the tip of the tooth, revealing the underlying enamel.
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Do whales have teeth?

Some whales have teeth: beluga whales have small white teeth. Those that do are called toothed whales or Odontocetes. no they don't

Is lip gloss made out of whale sperm?

It used to be made from "spermaceti," which is a fat you'll find in the head of a sperm whale. There's no sperm in spermaceti. Now they use Jojoba oil, which is a very good replacement for spermaceti.

Why are sperm whales called sperm whales?

It has a substance in its head called spermaceti which is milkywhite and used to be mistaken for sperm. It had various commercialuses that made it quite valuable. It's thought to be associatedwith the animal's hearing, by helping its ears detect sound whenunder the water. "The name comes from the mi (MORE)

Is a sperm whale or a blue whale bigger?

Blue Whales are much bigger then Sperm whales. A sperm whale is awesome though - and has teeth in its jaws. But the blue whale is the biggest whale of all. A full grown male Sperm grows to about 60 feet long, while a Blue can exceed 100. Blue Whales are considerably larger. In fact they are conside (MORE)

Is it true sperm cleans teeth?

Yes it is true because my friend Wes says so. my friend wes is very smart and knows much about sperm in the mouth. all of his girlfriends have very white teeth and i mean come on.. we all know how that happened.

Are whales teeth made of ivory?

Some species of whale's teeth are made of ivory. Most, however, arenot. Sperm whales are one species of ivory toothed whale. Eachtooth can weigh up to 1.5 kilogram.

Do whales have sperm?

All organisms that reproduce sexually have sperm - Humans,whales, birds, alligators, platypus's, and what have you. . Note though that the "sperm" of a sperm whale's name is not itssemen but "spermacetti", an oily material in the whale's head, oncequite valuable commercially. The misnomer came from (MORE)

Does sperm clean your teeth?

I brush my teeth with sperm every morning and my teeth are as white as the morning summer clouds.. and sperm.

Do sperm have teeth?

Nope. A sperm cell is basically a cell filled with genetic material. It has a "tail" to propel it through liquid. The link shows a picture of sperm cells approaching an egg.

Killer whale vs sperm whale?

Killer Whale - Killer whales usually travel in larger groups andthey are a lot faster and more agile. Sperm whales also aren't usedto groups of animals attacking them because they are generally deepin the sea where they have no predators and there aren't manyanimals. Also, killer whales have better (MORE)

Which is bigger a humpback whale or a sperm whale?

In whaling records dating the 1950s, there were sperm whales killed just under 70 feet in length. Most likely in the 1800s the whales slaughtered were larger, but one would have to go through older whaling records. The largest humpback in whaling records was 88 feet long! Still, cetacean researchers (MORE)

How is the sperm whale different from other whales?

The Sperm Whale can hold it's breath much longer than any whale. It dives down to bottom of the ocean where it is dark and damp. It is able to catch and eat giant squid which is really impressive for a whale! The Sperm Whale has a huge head and is the biggest toothed whale in the world! It also has (MORE)

Is a sperm whale a toothed whale or baleen whale?

The sperm whale is a toothed whale. The sperm whale could be the biggest animal in in existence that has teeth. It has big teeth (in it's lower jaw) to catch and eat large prey, such as the giant squid. Baleen is not a tooth, but, is a flexible plate, and baleen whales have many of them in the fro (MORE)

Why is buoyancy important to sperm whale?

Drag and buoyancy are two primary external forces acting on divingmarine mammals. The strength of these forces modulates theenergetic cost of movement and may influence swimming style (gait).Here we use a high-resolution digital tag to record depth, 3-Dorientation, and sounds heard and produced by 2 (MORE)

Is lip stick made out of whale sperm?

No. This one's going to take some explaining. In days past, when there were a lot of whales in the ocean, brave men set to sea in ships to hunt the Sperm Whale. In the head of this whale is a chamber called the case; the case is filled with a waxy substance called spermaceti. It is a wonderful prod (MORE)

How heavy is a sperm whales brain?

Sperm whales have the largest brains of all living creatures at the moment (so even bigger than the Blue whale's brain). It weighs in at about 7,2 kilos.

How long is a sperm whale pregnant for?

Gestation in Sperm Whale females lasts about 14 to 16 months. A sigle calf is produced at the end of gestation. Lactation proceeds for 19 to 42 months, but calves may suckle up to 13 years. Calves can suckle from females other than their mothers. Females generally have birth intervals of three to si (MORE)

Where are sperm whales' homes?

Sperm whales are the most common type of whale that we can find. They are present in almost every ocean and see in the world. Pacific ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean etc. They usually prefer ice free waters that are over 1000 meters deep. However they cant be found in the black and red seas.

How many babies do sperm whales have?

Gestation in Sperm Whale females lasts about 14 to 16 months. A sigle calf is produced at the end of gestation. Lactation proceeds for 19 to 42 months, but calves may suckle up to 13 years. Calves can suckle from females other than their mothers. Females generally have birth intervals of three to si (MORE)

How much does a sperm whale weigh?

Adult Male Sperm Whales can be as long as 20 meters. The average size is around 17 meters and they weigh 40 tonnes or more. Adult Female Sperm whales are on an average 11 meters long and weigh around 14 tonnes. Adult Male Sperm Whales can be as long as 20 meters. The average size is around 17 mete (MORE)

How much babies does the sperm whale have?

Gestation in Sperm Whale females lasts about 14 to 16 months. A sigle calf is produced at the end of gestation. Lactation proceeds for 19 to 42 months, but calves may suckle up to 13 years. Calves can suckle from females other than their mothers. Females generally have birth intervals of three to si (MORE)

Is lip gloss made out of fish scales or whale sperm?

Lip gloss is made out of neither. It's acctually made out of jobala oil which comes from the jobala plant not fish scales or whale sperm. However it used to be made out of oil (blubber) from the sperm whale's head. But they didn't use whale sperm.

Do Sperm whales produce sperm?

The males do. Whales are mammals. They do indeed, but note that the name "sperm whale" has nothing to do with making more whales. The word here is short for "spermacetti", an oily fat deposit in the head that sadly was commercially valuable in the past. It may have something to do with the anima (MORE)

Are sperm whales and blue whales the same?

No. They both are two distinct subspecies of the whale family. Blue Whales are the largest known species of animal ever known to man. Sperm whales are around 20 meters long while blue whales can be around 30 meters long and weigh twice as much as sperm whales.

Is lip gloss made out is whale sperm?

No. Look on the ingredients label of any package, and the first item will probably be petroleum jelly, a.k.a. Vaseline (unless you're using Burt's Bees brand stuff, in which case it will be something derived from beeswax). The next several ingredients will be various waxes, preservatives, stabilizer (MORE)

Is perfume made with whale sperm?

No. Whale vomit (technically called Ambergris) was once used as an ingredient in perfumes because of the earthy fragrance it aquires with age. It is rarely used in modern day perfumes and has been replaced by synthetic ingredients that produce the same scent.

Does sperm decay your teeth?

Under the right circumstances, yes, but likely no more so than other residues, and probably less. Anything, including sperm, which could remain adhered to the tooth and which could facilitate and promote the growth of bacteria will cause decay eventually. The solution; clean your teeth.

Do sperm whale eat killer whale?

No. Sperm Whales are carnivores and feed on several species. The most notable prey species are the giant squid, the colossal squid, octopuses, and diverse fish like demersal rays, but the main part of their diet consists of medium-sized squid. Due to their sheer size, some prey may be taken incident (MORE)

Is Gatorade made with whale sperm?

No. Gatorade is an electrolyte drink that is designed to replace water and electrolytes (minerals and salts) that the body sweats away during heavy exercise.

Does whale have teeth or not?

Some do, some don't. The toothed whales have teeth (whoda thunk it?). The baleen whales don't, except briefly during the embryonic stage.

What if your sister said that lipstick is made out of whale sperm is she right?

The primary ingredients found in lipstick are wax, oil, alcohol, and pigment. The wax used usually involves some combination of three types---beeswax, candelilla wax, or the more expensive camauba. Wax enables the mixture to be formed into the easily recognized shape of the cosmetic. Oils such as mi (MORE)

What is the differences of a right whale and sperm whale?

Sperm whales are toothed whales, while right whales are baleen whales. The right whales are usually smaller than the sperm whales and are more vulnerable to human beings attacking them. The sperm whale also has a large head that is a third of its body length, which contains the spermaceti organ.

Do killer whales attack sperm whales?

Almost never. An adult sperm whale can defend themselves against a killer whale attack. Remains of sperm whales have been found in killer whales, but, it was the exception instead of the rule.

Is The Sperm Whale Really A Whale?

Now, Like With The Orca Having The Incorrect Name "Killer Whale", Do Not Be Fooled With The Name And Size, PLEASE! It Is NOT A True Whale, It Is More Related To Dolphins And Porpoises. 1. Sperm Whales Are Not True Whales Because They Have True Teeth And NOT Baleen. 2. Sperm Whales Do NOT Eat K (MORE)

How do you register Sperm Whale teeth?

They could be registered for a few years in the early 1970's butnot very many were. Interest in registering teeth fell off and theystopped registering them. They can no longer be registered.Unregistered teeth can only be sold in state they are located in,intrastate. New laws coming will make it ille (MORE)

Does sperm whitens teeth?

No, sperm is not used to whiten teeth. There are special kits you can buy to whiten your teeth, but always check with a dentist if you have a lot of dental work.