What are static load and dynamic load?

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A static load is the effect of gravity on an object or structure.

A dynamic load is the forces that move or change when acting on a structure.

Example of a dynamic load:

Force of wind or the weight of a truck

Example of a static load:

Weight of a bridge
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What are examples of dynamic and static loading of bones?

Answer . Dynamic means moving...so doing bicep curls would be an example. Static means being still or holding what you have.So when you stand erect your back/spine and

Why metals break on dynamic load but not on static load of same magnitude?

That isn't necessarily true. If the metal is under repeated dynamic loading, it becomes a matter of material fatigue and not strength. For instance, if you bend a paper clip b

What is the dead load and a live load and a dynamic load in a building?

Dead load is the total load of all of the components of the building that generally do not change over time, such as the steel columns, concrete floors, bricks, roofing materi

What is the definition of static and dynamic load?

The definiton of static load is to load something staticly. However, the definition of a dynamic load can be either that of a large load of something or to have something of g

What is Static and dynamic loads?

static is a study of force and their effects of eullibrium. Or loads that involve gravity (if you drop something from a high spot it would feel heavier than if you placed it)

What is the difference between static load and dynamic load?

A static load is applied to remain static without any build up of energy. Example a sandbag put slowly on a floor. When the sandbag put on a cart and wheeled on the floor, it

What are electrical static and dynamic load?

The load which is not varying w.r.t time i.e fix load is known asstatic whereas the load whose magnitude changes arbitrarily e.g youswitch on the light, switch off the light s
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How does a road support static and dynamic load?

Road building codes are in place to meet load requirements. The design strength of roadways must be higher than expected maximum loads. These load factors are, roughly, a rat