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Anything that assists in the presentation of information. For example a powerpoint would be a technological aid.
Technological aids are a form of communication and also are used to help communicate using technology. Technological aids are there to help people who have disabilities or who need help, as parts of their bodies do not work. Examples of these are; voice synthesizers, hearing aid, and also motorized scooters .
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How technology aids preparation in rugby union?

  technology has helped improve the alround skill of rugby players. it has helped find faults in rugby players and help improve them.   it has helped reffs be more accu

How has the computer aided the field of science technology?

A very good question, because the computer has aided in the development of technical things such as:   nuclear power   airplanes   cloning   medical operations

What is technological aid?

Technological aid is giving someone assistance with anything technologically related; such as software installment, data backup, installment of new equipment.

How has technology helped improve hearing aids?

New technologies have allowed for hearing aids to really improve for the patient! In the past, the hearing aid was solely in the hard-of-hearing ear and mainly consisted of am