What are the 10 largest lakes in North America?

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The Top 10 Largest Lakes in North America, as stated by Nation Master are:

1. Lake Superior, Canada/United States - 82,410 km2 (31,820 sq miles)
2. Lake Huron, Canada/United States - 59,600 km2 (23,010 sq miles)
3. Lake Michigan, Canada/United States - 57,080 km2 (22,040 sq miles)
4. Great Bear Lake, Canada - 31,000 km2 (12,000 sq miles)
5. Great Slave Lake, Canada - 28,930 km2 (11,170 sq miles)
6. Lake Erie, Canada/United States - 25,700 km2 (9,930 sq miles)
7. Lake Winnipeg, Canada - 23,550 km2 (9,094 sq miles)
8. Lake Ontario, Canada/United States - 19,500 km2 (7,520 sq miles)
9. Athabaska Lake, Canada 7,920 km2 (3,058 sq miles)
10. Reindeer Lake, Canada 6,330 km2 (2,444 sq miles)
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What is the largest lake in North America?

The largest lake is Lake Superior. The area of the lake is 82,410 square km (31,820 square miles). The Great Salt Lake and some of The Great Lakes would have to be included

What are the 10 largest lakes in America?

The Great Lakes, Finger lakes (New York), the Great Salt Lake, Lake of the Woods... here's a list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_lakes_of_the_United_States_b