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What are the 10 least spoken languages in the world?

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Inari Sami Uralic Finland 400 Skolt Sami Uralic Finland, Russia (Karelia) 400 Ingrian Uralic Russia (Ingria) 300 Washo Hokan United States (Washoe County, Nevada) 252[19] Comanche Uto-Aztecan United States (Oklahoma) 200 Livonian Uralic Latvia (Livonia) 150 Pite Sami Uralic Sweden, Norway 20 Ume Sami Uralic Sweden, Norway 20 Votic Uralic Russia ≥20 Ter Sami Uralic Russia (Murmansk Oblast) 10
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What is the least spoken language in the world?

Latin, as this is a dead language. There are probably many other least spoken languages, but Latin is the most popular least spoken language. Answer: The above answer is c

Top 10 spoken languages?

1) Mandarin 2) English 3) Hindustani 4) Spanish 5) Russian 6) Arabic 7) Bengali 8) Portuguese 9) Malay-Indonesian 10) French Hope this was helpful! :-)

What is the most spoken language in the world?

TOP TEN LANGUAGES IN THE WORLD BY NUMBER OF NATIVE SPEAKERS:   1. Mandarin Chinese - China   2. English - U.S.A., U.K., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc. *   3.

What is the fastest spoken language in the world?

Actually, studies have been done to determine the answer to this question. They discovered that Japanese is the world's fastest spoken language followed by Spanish.

Which spoken language is old in the world?

There's no real agreement on this as many languages claim to be the oldest. Greek and Chinese were first written around 1500BC and are among the claimants but modern Chinese a

What languages are least spoken?

Answer   Native American languages are almost all dying out with only a few exceptions. The languages of Papua, New Guinea are only spoken in Papua, New Guinea, often by

What is the least spoken language and what is the most spoken language?

The language with the most native speakers is Mandarin. The language that is most widely spoken in the world is English. The least spoken language is a tie of about 200 langu

What are the top 100 languages spoken in the world?

Top 100 Languages RankLanguage Name / 1 | CHINESE, MANDARIN / 2 | SPANISH / 3 | ENGLISH / 4 | BENGALI / 5 | HINDI / 6 | PORTUGUESE / 7 | RUSSIAN / 8 | JAPANESE / 9 | GERMAN

What was the first language spoken in the world?

The first language is a theoretical concept known as Proto-World or Proto-Sapiens. it existed sometime between 200,000 years ago and 50,000 years ago. It has no writing and it

What are the top ten spoken languages in the world?

English - 2 billion speakersMandarin - 1 billion speakersSpanish 500 million speakersHindi - 450 million speakersRussian - 280 million speakersArabic - 250 million speakersBen