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What are the 10 most important events in the civil war?

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1. Decision to blockade the Southern ports (South couldn't trade its cotton)

2. Death of Sidney Johnston (rated as best General in the South)

3. Emancipation Proclamation (keeping Britain out of the war)

4. Death of Stonewall Jackson (essential other half of the Lee-Jackson team)

5. Relief of Vicksburg (liberation of the Mississippi)

6. Lee's defeat at Gettysburg (ending hopes of Confederate invasion of the North)

7. Sacking of Halleck (Union General-in-Chief who squandered his assets)

8. Grant's ending of prisoner-exchange (Confederates certain to run out of manpower)

9. Lincoln's winning the November 1864 election (the North voting to fight on)

10. Sherman's March through Georgia (bringing the South to ruin and starvation)
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