What are the 12 striking techniques of arnis?

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strike the...
  • left temple of opponent
  • right temple "
  • left shoulder "
  • right shoulder "
  • stomach "
  • left chest "
  • right chest "
  • left knee "
  • right knee "
  • left eye "
  • right eye "
  • head "
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What is arnis?

Arnis is a stick that is 28 inches long. It is a Filipino martial art. It is used as self defense.

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What is the length of arnis?

the lentgh of the stick or BASTON is 1 yard, or as long as your arm from the tip of your middle finger to your clavicle or neck!

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12 vtal striking points on arnis?

left temple of opponent right templeleft templeleft shoulderright shoulderstomachleft chestright chestleft kneeright kneeleft eyeright eye head

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What is the benefit of arnis?

1. Develop physical, mental, and spiritual discipline.2. Conquer your fears.3. Lose weight and gain flexibility4. Increase your self esteem5. Find release from stress6. Tap in… (MORE)

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What are the facilities of arnis?

Facilities and EquipmentThe game is played by using prescribed padded stick in delivering artistic and legal blows, strikes, thrusts, and disarming the opponent to gain scores… (MORE)

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What is pronoun for arnie?

Depends, if Arnie is a girl then say she or her if he is a boy say him or he.

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