What are the 12 striking techniques of arnis?

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This technique instructs you strike your opponent in these areas:
  • left temple
  • right temple
  • left shoulder
  • right shoulder
  • stomach
  • left chest
  • right chest
  • left knee
  • right knee
  • left eye
  • right eye
  • head
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What is the benefit of arnis?

1. Develop physical, mental, and spiritual discipline. 2. Conquer your fears. 3. Lose weight and gain flexibility 4. Increase your self esteem 5. Find release from stress 6. T (MORE)
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What are the facilities of arnis?

Facilities and Equipment The game is played by using prescribed padded stick in delivering artistic and legal blows, strikes, thrusts, and disarming the opponent to gain score (MORE)

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What is arnis?

Arnis is a stick that is 28 inches long. It is a Filipino martial art, and is used as self defense.
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