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What are the 2 most famous instruments in today's world?

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Either Guitar or Piano.I say piano
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What were some of the most famous planes in World War 2?

Answer 1 P-38 Lightning, F4F Wildcat, P-51 Mustang, B-17 Flying  Fortress, B-24 Liberator, B-29 Superfortress. Answer 2, Additional  Input The B-25 "Mitchell" that flew the

Who was the most famous soldier in world war 2?

  Here are a few.     Lt Col Paddy Blair Mayne     The highest decorated solider was William Kingston of the 3rd brigade.     The most decorated Brit

What aircraft was most famous in world war 2?

  Britain: Spitfire; Lancaster; Hurricane; Mosquito; Typhoon; Sunderland.   USA: Mustang; Flying Fortress; Mitchell; Superfortress; Dauntless; TBM Avenger; Maurader; He

What was the most famous weapon during World War 2?

the M1 Garand (pronounced grand) was used by most countrys  involved in ww2 and the Thompson was used by i think even more  countrys.  +++   That may be the "most famou

What is the most famous instrument in the world?

Different cultures have different instruments which are well known. As do different generations within cultures. With in generations X, Y and I in Western society the most fam

What was the most famous World War 2 poster?

Probably the most famous poster of WW2 was probably 'Dig for  victory" but it might not be.  +++   Actually it was just one of many propaganda posters. The "digging"  w

What is the most famous British World War 2 gun?

The BREN light machine gun and the STEN sub-machine gun were both extremely famous British weapons. It would be hard to choose. The STEN was widely used by resistance forces t