What are the 5 W's for talking on the phone?

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Topics to talk about on the phone?

if you dont know what to talk about after asking the usual u ok? what you doing? what you up to this weekend? and got any gossip and stuff, u can always talk about gossip, boys homework. or also just simply type into google; questions to ask [a girl, a boy, your boyfriend] etc/ect

The 5 W's of Alexander the great?

Alexander the Great was the son of the king of the Greek kingdom ofMacedonia. He was highly educated by Aristotle. He lived around theyears of 350 BC and led the spread of Hellenism. These are the 5W'sof the who, what, where, when and why of Alexander the Great.

How do you talk to a girl over the phone?

To talk to a girl on the phone be nice and flirt with her by saying things about her outfit and saying like even though I can't see you you look really nice. LOL . Make sure that you don't sound too nervous if you like the girl. Sometimes the girl that you are talking to might not know what to say a (MORE)

What can you talk about on the phone with her?

Answer . Generally all you have to say are these magic words, 'How are you doing?' and you usually have a 'chatty Cathy' on your hands. Most women love to talk! You may meet the odd shy or quiet girl. Ask them what their favorite singer is or band. Ask if they've been to any concerts lately or wh (MORE)

How do you talk on the phone?

1/ Dial the number you want to talk to. 2/ Apply phone to forehead. 3/ Bang repeatedly against forehead while screaming at the same time.

How should you talk to your girlfriend on the phone?

This all depends on how long you have both been together for. If you have been together for months then she should hopefully be like your bestfriend. But as she is your girlfriend you can flirt with her too. Some girls like the little odd comments on how they look etc as it shows your keen but make (MORE)

How do you get your boyfriend to talk on the phone more?

person, you can't can't get them to talk to you on the phone you'd have to talk to him face to face and if he won't talk to you on the phone or face to face ( probably because he's embarressed ) tell him if he won't listen, dump him.

What should you talk about with your boyfriend on the phone?

When you're on the phone with your boyfriend, try to strike up a conversation on what happened 'today' or try to focus on what you both have in common. You could also talk about the top 10 embarrassing things that you've both done in the past. Also, what is very healthy for all relationships, you co (MORE)

What to talk on the phone?

Well if your talking on the phone with your boyfriend you can plan a date, or talk about whatever is on your mind,,, if your on the phone with your friend you can talk about gossip, drama, or whatever is going on in your life

5 W's in communication?

What / Why: What are you communicating and why are you communicating? This will be the content of your communication. . Whom: Whom should your address the communication to? Should you communicate to specific individuals or groups or the whole company? . Who: Who should communicate the message? Am (MORE)

Talking to girls on the phone?

Talking to girls on the phone can sometimes be really ackward, but it may be a good start to learning to socialize and talk together.

What can happen if you talk on the phone to long?

you can get brain cancer . there is no way u can get brain cancer from talking on the phone to long the worst thing that can happen is lossing your voice run ur battery down , alot of money for that one call or even lossing your voice or hearing

What is the 5 w's?

In journalism, the Five Ws (also known as the Five Ws (and one H) or simply the Six Ws ) is a concept in news style, research, and in police investigations that are regarded as basics in information-gathering. It is a formula for getting the "full" story on something. The maxim of the Five Ws ( (MORE)

How can you talk through cell phones?

Cell phones use a communications technology very similar to that used in old radio and in today's TV broadcasts. Your voice is digitized into a UHF (higher than 800MHz) radio wave (the wave is like regular flash-light but you can't see it.) Each cell phone must interact with a cell tower in the l (MORE)

What are the 5 W's of Journalism?

The "5 W's" are the questions asked by journalists to provide the necessary details about a news story or event. In no fixed order, they are Who What Where When Why Note that there is a "6th W" that starts with an H : HOW . The answers to these questions should form a thorough explanat (MORE)

What are the 5 w's of writing and an example?

Who . What . When . Where . Why Who: My friend and I What: Doing Homework When: 3:32 P.M., November 12, 2010 Where: At his house in Vancouver, Canada Why: We wanted a good grade in school

What are the 5 W's of the Conference of Berlin?

Conference of Berlin Who: European colonists and Africans The conference was convened by Portugal but led by Otto von Bismarck, chancellor of the newly united Germany. What: meeting between European nations to create rules on how to peacefully divide Africa among them for colonization. When: 188 (MORE)

5 w's on the World War 1?

Who: with the Australian hippos and the Canadian baboons What: The circus clowns stole the hippos and the baboons candy, but the circus clowns made it seem that the hippos stole the baboons candy. Where: in Candy Land, Ohio When: The 14th century Why: The baboons came to the circus clowns with cand (MORE)

Topics you can talk to a boy on the phone?

well u can tell them how there day was? anything special tell them how pretty they are tell them what they wanna do ask em out, what they were wearing general things...

5 W's of the Arab-Israeli Conflict?

Who: Arabs (represented by the states or organizations of Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and numerous other supporters) against Israel (represented solely by the State of Israel and numerous other supporters). Some prefer (incorrectly) to call the Israelis as Jews since Isr (MORE)

What is the best straight talk phone?

I like the Razr. In all honesty though, every straight talk phone seems to get good reviews. I use straight talk for my business line and it works really well.

What are the 5 w's in the declaration of independence?

Who: Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Robert Livingston and Roger Sherman why: to declare Independence what: a document that stated the the 13 colonies were an independent nation where: Philadelphia When: July 4, 1776

Why should you not talk on the phone driving?

As it uses a part of the brain connected to the reaction thought process which is very crucial when driving if a dangerous situation to occur the reaction of the driver due to the fact he/she is on the phone will lead to them to have delayed reactions often leading to injury and possible fatality as (MORE)

What are the 5 W's of the Gettysburg Address?

Who? Abraham Lincoln, written for those soldiers who fought in Gettysburg What? A speech that recognized those who fell in battle When? November 19, 1963 Where? Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Why? It is important because Lincoln told the Union to not give up, and to continue fighting, and that the (MORE)

What are the 5 W's and 2 H's?

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How and How much.. All these are whata GOOD NEWS REPORTER asks for EVERY news report/story. Plain andSimple.

Does straight talk have a touchscreen phone?

Yes, they have several types of Touch Screen phones available to choose from. In order to find out which ones are available to you, you have to enter your zip code on their site. A few of the Touch Screen phones available with Straight Talk are: -Samsung Galaxy SII -Samsung Galaxy Proclaim (MORE)

What are the 5 w's of the 13th amendment?

Who: (who passed the law, who started it?): Abraham Lincoln pushed congress to make this amendment. What: (what is the law?): The 13 th amendment states that slaves shall not be allowed in America. No one can own a slave, and no one can sell slaves, except as punishment for a crime. Slavery beca (MORE)

What is a PUK on a straight talk phone?

A PUK, by Wikipedia's definition is a "Personal Unlock Code (PUC), also known as a PIN Unlocked Key (PUK), is used in 3GPP mobile phones to reset a personal identification number (PIN) that has been lost or forgotten." You can find more information on Straight Talk's FAQ page. The link below will (MORE)

Which phones on straight talk can Skype?

Any phone that can download Skype can use its Instant Messagingfeature, but only phones with good cameras can video call others.With some phones, it's easier, albeit more costly, to use a simplevideo call built into the phone.

How do you unlock your straight talk phone?

It depends on the device you have. A good place to start is by finding your phone on the Straight Talk website. Here are some instructions for doing so: 1. Visit the site 2. Find your phone on the page, and click on the "Learn More" link underneath the picture 3. Next, click on "Settings" 4 (MORE)

What phones can be switched to straight talk?

Any unlocked GSM or unlocked CDMA phones can be switched toStraight Talk. Some carrier specific phone can also be switched.You can chat with Straight Talk support to ensure your phone iscompatible.

Can I sell my straight talk phone?

Yes. You will want to make sure you have discontinued your servicebefore selling it. You could try selling it on eBay or give it to afriend.