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What are the 8 different lawyers called?

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There are family lawyers, real-estate lawyers, criminal lawyers, corporate lawyers, divorce lawyers, accident lawyers, debt settlement lawyers, Personal Injury lawyers, Bankkruptcy lawyers, Traffic lawyers, and Immigration lawyers.
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What do you call a lawyer in court?

(In the US) There is no special title accorded to attorneys. They may be addressed as 'Counsellor' or by a title appropriate to their gender (i.e.: Mister - Miss - Ma'am - etc

What are lawyers in the UK called?

Actually, there are lots of different types of lawyers in the UK:   * Solicitors interact with the clients, prepare documents such as property conveyances and wills, and

What are the different types of lawyers?

There are government lawyers, private practice lawyers, and  non-profit lawyers. They can be further divided according to the  types of law they practice, for example immigr

What do you call a lawyers helper?

They are usually called paralegals or legal secretaries/assistants. Paralegals must usually complete a designated course of study and pass a qualification test. Legal secretar

What is the difference between a solicitor and lawyer?

  A solicitor is a lawyer who has no "right of audience" in any higher criminal court apart from a magistrates court (or Sheriffs court in Scotland). Solicitors deal with

How many different specialties of lawyers are there?

These are some of the lawyers you can become, I'm sure that there are a whole bunch more though:) Criminal lawyers Civil lawyers Personal injury lawyer Family court lawyer
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How many different types of lawyers are there?

Under the legal system in the US, a lawyer is a lawyer and canlegally serve as an attorney. Specialization occurs after lawschool and can include tax, estate, family law, inte