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What are the Celtic words for frost?

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The Irish for Frost is Sioc.

Scots Gaelic is reòthadh or sioc

Welsh is rhew
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Who is The Lead Singer of Celtic Frost?

Tom Gabriel Fisher He Also was the Lead singer Mastermind of The Black metal Death metal Act' HellHammer' Hes Very Underrated Frontman' Awesome Lyrics'est He's Truly a Gifte

Does Celtic frost worship the devil?

I have been somewhat of a fan of Celtic Frost's music for about 18  years. Their blend of symphony and death metal are outstanding. The  band does allude to Satanic underton

What is the Celtic word for nomad?

Celtic is a language family of six distinct languages: Irish = fánaí (Scottish) Gaelic = iniltear Manx Gaelic ... Welsh = crwydrwr Cornish ... Breton ...
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What is the use of Celtic Frost?

The use of Celtic Frost is to listen to them since they were a heavy metal band from Switzerland. They started out in 1984 and lasted to 1993 and then re-formed in 2001, but i