What are the Celtic words for thunder?

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Irish: toirneach
Scots Gaelic: tàirneach; tàirneach; torrann

Welsh: taran(au), tyrfau, trystau
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How old are the people from Celtic thunder?

Order (young to old) Damian Joseph McGinty born September 9, 1992. 17 yro. 6'0" Keith Harkin born June 10, 1986. 23yro. 6'0" Paul Byrom born April 11, 1979. 30 yro. 6'0" R

Does Celtic Thunder lip sync?

nooo!!! shezzz.... I do believe they do... their vocals are too clean to be a live performance I am not knocking their talent in any way just stating the obvious

Which Celtic thunder members are single?

The only one who is married is George Donaldson. Paul Byrom is dating and living with Phil Coulter's daughter Dominique. Keith has stated he doesn't want a relationship

How did Celtic thunder form?

Damian McGinty, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly and Paul Byrom are all from Ireland and George Donaldson is from Scotland. Auditions were held initially when Celtic Thunder was for