What are the Features of Consew 220 industrial sewing machine?

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It is a extinct model as far as i know :)
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How did the sewing machine help people during the Industrial Revolution?

The sewing machines used during the Industrial Revolution helped people by help safe people time because before the Industrial Revolution people ( women) had to sew all of the

What are safety features of a sewing machine?

· Turn the sewing machine off when not in use. · Before you turn the sewing machine on, check if all the dial settings are on the right number. · Don't put your h

What is the heat gain for an industrial sewing machine?

This question cannot be reasonably answered as written. Before any realistic assessment of heat gain can be established for a product, the product must be specifically iden

What did the sewing machine change in the Industrial Revolution?

The sewing machine was actually one of the leading inventions which gave way to the Industrial Revolution. It led to increased socioeconomic and cultural advances in both Brit

Is a new home sewing machine model 170 a industrial sewing machine?

No it's not. I just purchased one and it will not see a patch on a thin leather vest. The machine is a good machine but if your looking for an industrial machine this is not t
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What is an industrial sewing machine?

It is a device invented to automate the process of sewing fabrics on a large commercial scale. Likely all the clothes you are wearing where made in a factory by a person opera