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What are the features of a liberal democracy?

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Liberal component:
  1. Some basic specification and protection of individual rights.
  2. Capitalist economy (i.e.) markets for distribution and private property rights).
  3. Restriction of democratic power through representation and not direct democracy.
  4. Regime veto points (i.e.) checks on power) limiting any group from having total sovereignty.
  5. Rule of law.

Democratic component:
  1. Free and fair elections.
  2. Competition in elections.
  3. Elections have the ability to remove or replace existing officials.
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When did Britain become a liberal democracy?

Technically Britain still isn't a democracy! this is due to the power of the un-elected members- house of lords. However, most people say that Britain became a democracy in 19 (MORE)

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Tenets of liberal democracy rizal advocated?

The worth and dignity of the individual;The inviolability of human rights;The innate equality of all men and races;The necessity for constitutional government;Due process of l (MORE)

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Is India democracy liberal or illiberal?

I think that there is a fundamental problem with western perceptions of India and this misunderstanding affects western policies towards India (particularly in the US). India (MORE)

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What are the key features of democracy?

There are so many features of democracy. The key elements include  independence of judiciary, a representative elected through  elections and rule of law among others.

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What are the features of a democracy?

1) common people are involved in decision making.   2) elected representatives take major decisions.   3)free & fair elections are conducted   4) basic freedom to (MORE)

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What are the key features of democracy and dictatorship?

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Features of Indian democracy?

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What is the difference between electoral democracy liberal democracy and substantive democracy?

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