What are the List of western countries in the world?

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Depends on what you mean by a 'Western country'. There are varying definitions of a 'Western country'. Mine is- any country that is significantly shaped enough by European/Western culture that its mainstream society develops a European/Westernised culture. Of course, this would include most European nations.
Here goes:
-United States
-United Kingdom & Ireland
-Western & Central Europe (Inc. Denmark)
-New Zealand
-South Africa
-Some Latin American countries (e.g. Brazil, Argentina, Mexico)
-Poland (?)
-Croatia (?)
-Estonia (?)
-Latvia (?)
-Lithuania (?)
-To an extent, Mediterranean Europe
Answer 2:

Edit: In the broadest sense of the term, 'western' could mean any European country, or country settled by europeans. The list of 'western' countries varies wildly, for example some people might include countries where western style liberal democracy and free market economics has come to dominate society but where the culture is distinct from the enlightenment, judeo-christian culture that has come to predominate in Europe and north America, e.g. south Korea or japan,

Western and western-style countries would probably include:

All of Europe except Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
North and South America.
South Africa.
Australia and New Zealand.

And more broadly:
South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and perhaps the Philippines.

The list of western countries will
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Much of this information can be found at the CIA World Factbook.The Factbook compiles information about each country in the world,including their government structure and who is in charge of thatcountry's government. You can find the Factbook in the relatedlinks below.

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Russia (17,098,242 sq km) Canada (9,984,670 sq km) China (9,706,961 sq km) USA (9,526,468 sq km) Brazil (8,514,877 sq km) Now population: China (1,347,350,000) India (1,210,193,422) USA (314,195,000) Indonesia (237,641,326) Brazil (192,376,496)

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A Country (exonym) Capital (exonym) Country (endonym) Capital (endonym) Official or native language(s) (alphabet/script) . Abkhazia [1] . Sukhum . Apsny Аҧсны Abkhaziya Абхазия . Aqwa Аҟəа Sukhum Сухум . Abkha (MORE)

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Federal States in which the federal government shares power with semi-independent regional governments. In many cases, the central government is (in theory) a creation of the regional governments; prime examples are Switzerland and the United States. . Argentina (23 provinces and one autonomous c (MORE)

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zimbabwe . malawi . england . usa . canada . brasil . spain . chile . austraulia . korea . japan . china . dr congo . camerron . nigeria . eygpt . sweden . finland . russia . agerntina . algeria . newzealand . india . singapore . mangolia . portugal . germany . parag (MORE)

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1.United states 2.China 3.Japan 4.Germany 5.France 6.Russia7.United Kingdom 8.Brazil 9.India 10.Italy 11.Mexico 12.S.Korea13.Spain 14.Canada 15.Indonesia 16.Turkey 17.Australia 18.Iran19.Poland 20.Netherlands 21.Saudi Arabia 22.Argentina 23.Thailand24.South Africa 25.Egypt 26.Pakistan 27.Colombia 28 (MORE)

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The population of the world is over seven billion. The populationof each country is constantly changing. The latest numbers canusually be found by doing a search on a particular country.

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