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What are the Musical instrument of cordillera highlands?

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The musical instruments of CAR is bunkaka or bilbil(bamboo musical instruments used by the native tribes of the CAR, sulibaw(hallow wooden Igorot drug topped with pig skin or lizard skin this is played by striking the drum head using the palm of the hand.
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What is the social functions of music in cordillera?

Throughout the region's history, music has played a vital role in  everyday life, as well as special occasions. In the Cordillera  region, music is used to commemorate peace (MORE)

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What element of music beat describes the music of cordillera?

Cordillera features tribal music that uses gongs, special flutes,  and percussion tubes to create a rhythmic beat that is typical of  the tribe of the Philippines. The music (MORE)

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What is the music in Cordillera?

The music of the Cordillera region of the Philippines is similar to the music of continental Southeast Asia. It has rhythmic, speech-like enunciation. Genres include epics. Mu (MORE)

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Musical instrument of cordillera highlands?

the musical group of the cordillera highlands is called the "gangsa ensemble". it is composed of minimum of 3 people. they use the instruments called the gangsa (a bronze/bras (MORE)