What are the Netherlands known for?

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Artists, Delft pottery, flatness, windmills, wooden shoes, tullips, Anne Frank, canals, the red light district, pot, cows, bikes, Philips Electronics, Soccer, The Efteling theme park.
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What is the Netherlands known for?

Probably best known for drugs. Though decreasingly so, drugs used to be relatively easily available. Additionally it is known for being very flat (no mountains), tullips (wh

Amsterdam Netherlands is known for what?

Amsterdam is known for its architecture, canals, university, practically legal marijuana, legal prostitution, museums, trendy boutiques and shopping, cultural and ethnic div

What colony was originally known as New Netherland?

Um lets see ............................ New York. I think so. Well search it up and plz stop looking on freaking wiki answers it so unreliable you want to know how? Bec

The Netherlands is also known as?

People often call the Netherlands Holland, but this is actuallywrong. Netherlands is the country and Holland is just a region ofthe Netherlands. See the related question below

What part of the Netherlands is known as Holland?

The whole of Netherlands is sometimes referred to as Holland. However, the original area that was Holland makes up two provinces of Netherlands which are North and South Holla

Which region is informally known as the Netherlands?

No region is informally known as the Netherlands. You may be thinking of Holland. Holland is often incorrectly used to refer to the Netherlands. Holland is just an area in