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  • According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Madonna is the most successful female recording artist of all time.
  • Madonna has 12 No. 1 singles on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart,
  • Madonna has 6 No. 2 singles on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart, the most for a female artist, tying her with Elvis Presley for the record.
  • Madonna has the most Top 5 singles by a female artist on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart (29).
  • Madonna has the most Top 10 singles on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart (37), Surpassing Elvis.
  • Madonna has the most Top 20 singles by a female artist on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart (42).
  • Madonna has the most Top 30 singles by a female artist on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart (44).
  • Madonna has the most Top 40 singles by a female artist on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart (47).
  • Madonna has the most certified (RIAA) singles by an artist with 24 Gold, Platinum, or Multi-Platinum singles in the U.S.
  • Madonna has 7 No. 1 albums on Billboard's Top 200 Albums Chartand behind only Barbara Streisand's 8 among female artists.
  • Madonna has 5 No. 2 albums on Billboard's Top 200 Albums Chart, behind only The Beatles' 6 and Frank Sinatra's 7.
  • Madonna is the most successful dance artist in music history; she has 39 #1 singles on Billboard's Hot Dance/Club Play Singles Chart, more than twice the number of her nearest rival Janet Jackson. Madonna also has 25 #1 singles on Billboard's Hot Dance Single Sales Chart, more than three times the number of her nearest rivals Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, and Notorious B.I.G.
  • Madonna's The Immaculate Collection is the highest selling greatest hits album ever by a female artist with estimated worldwide sales of over 23 million copies.
  • Madonna has had more music videos played more often on MTV than any other artist.
  • Madonna was voted by MTV viewers as the greatest music video icon ever on the network's 25 Greatest Video Stars.
  • Madonna was named the sexiest recording artist ever on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists.
  • Madonna is the most successful act in the history of MTV's Video Music Awards with an all time record 67 VMA nominations and 19 VMA wins.
  • Maverick Records is the most successful "vanity label" in music history. While under Madonna's control it generated well over $1 billion for Warner Bros. Records, more money than any other recording artist's record label.
  • Madonna is the richest female singer in the world.
  • From Borderline in 1984 - Cherish in 1989 Madonna achieved 17 consecutive top 10 singles.
  • From Lucky Star in 1984 to Cherish in 1989 Madonna achieved 16 top 5 singles, surpassing the Beatles (Elvis holds the record), and no artist has duplicated this since.
  • Madonna holds the second-longest string of consecutive Top Five hits - and the most by a female artist - with a run of 16 that extended from 1984's "Lucky Star" to 1989's "Cherish." Furthermore, Madonna is the only recording artist for whom every album (except those from which no single was released) has yielded a Top Ten hit.
  • Madonna has won 7 Grammy awards.
  • Madonna won a Golden Globe in 1996 for her role on Evita.
  • Madonna has been regarded as "one of the greatest pop acts of all time" and dubbed the "Queen of Pop"
  • She is ranked by the RIAA as the best-selling female rock artist of the twentieth century.
  • On March 10, 2008, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • On August 23, 2008, Madonna embarked on the Sticky & Sweet Tour, her first major venture with Live Nation. It became the highest-grossing tour ever by a solo artist with $US280 million, surpassing the title previous held by her 2006 Confessions Tour. The tour also set new records in several countries for attendance and ticket sales.
  • In the United Kingdom, she is the most successful female in the singles chart history and has more number one singles than any other female solo artist.
  • Billboard magazine's All-Time Top 100 Artists on their 50th year anniversary, Madonna is listed #2 as the most successful singles artist only behind The Beatles.
  • Madonna has sold an estimated more than 250 million albums and 150 million singles worldwide. Only Michael Jackson, Elvis, The Beatles & Bing Crosby have sold more.
  • Hard Candy reached #1 in 27 countries.
  • Her 2005 single "Hung Up" reached #1 in a record breaking 45 countries.
  • On the United World Chart, Madonna is the Most Successful Singles Artist of All Time and has a record of 13 Number One singles.
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What are Black Madonnas?

black Madonna lily There is another Black Madonna, used in the book The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. It is just a black Mary.

What does Madonna eat?

Madonna is a raw foodist, which basically means that she eats foods that are not cooked. This also means that because for the most part it is not ok to eat raw meat, that to say she is vegetarian is correct as well.. Madonna is a bit of a fadist though, so she may end up changing her way of eating (MORE)

What is the Madonna?

Answer . A Madonna is a work of art showing the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus usually holding the infant Jesus. Madonna is Italian for "My Lady".

Is Madonna an atheist?

No. Madonna first started singing Kabbalah's praises six years ago literally, on her 1998 album Ray of Light. Kabballah is a collection of mystical rabbinical teachings of ancient origin, rarely practiced today. S he has arguably become the most prominent advocate of this Jewish philosophy/relig (MORE)

How did Madonna get started?

She moved to New York City in 1977 to pursue a dancing career. In 1979, she recorded a solo demo tape and starred in the film "A Certain Sacrifice". In the early 80's she was lead singer of The Breakfast Club and the band Emmy, and recorded another demo tape, which got her noticed by Sire Records. H (MORE)

When was Madonna?

well, with such an open question, there are several answers. 1)Madonna was born on August 16th, 1958. 2)She released her first self-named album in 1983. 3) In 1984 she released the album "Like a Virgin" included one of her hit songs called "Material Girl". 4) Madonna started her career in 1983 and c (MORE)

What is Madonnas name?

It is Madge Her birth name is: Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Nicknames include: Lil' Nonnie, Emmy, M, Madge, Maddie...and probably several others that I've forgotten.

Who is Madonna dating?

shes not dating anyone she is married but there rumors of her getting a divorce maybe you should look into it

How rich is Madonna?

An entertainer with an estimated net-worth of over US$800 million since 1982. . Madonna has been hailed as the most successful singer of all time and the best-selling female artist of all time including personal wealth, real estate, and her Maverick studios earnings, Madonna just may be a billiona (MORE)

Does Madonna have children?

Yes, the first 2 are hers and the other 2 are adopted.\n\nTheir names are:\n\nLourdes Ciccone\nRocco Ritchie\nDavid\nMercy.

Does Madonna have a pet?

No, she doesent she has said in many interviews that she doesent. and she is allergic to cats and dogs.

Is Madonna an icon?

Madonna is considered an icon by the media who change pop music and trend through her dance, fashion, music video, and sexuality especially in the 80s and 90s. Madonna's showmanship is to be admired and her influenced can be seen in many artists in 21 st Century such as Britney Spears, Christina Agu (MORE)

What are 'Madonna Studies'?

There is a division of media studies that many academics refer to as "Madonna Studies." These are fields of research that have grown up around topics related to Madonna and her place in modern culture. Academicians have written so many articles on topics such as the way Madonna's music videos (e.g., (MORE)

Who has Madonna recorded with?

Madonna has stated that she doesn't like to do duets, so there are not many people that she has sung with. But a few come to mind: Prince, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Antonio Banderas, Jonathan Price, Jimmy Nail (the last three were from the Evita soundtrack).

Where Is Madonna?

Madonna has got houses in New York, London and Los Angeles and stays in either one house or another depending on where she has to work.

How old are Madonna?

\n. \nOn 16 August 2008 she turned 50.\n. \nOn 16 August 2008 she turned 50.\n. \nwrong.

What is accomplish?

its a goal you met,like say if i want to accomplish my goal of getting 10 dollars a week once i have the 10 dollar a week u accomplished ur goal...........................

What does Madonna believe in?

Madonna was raised as a Catholic in the Christian religion. in the mid-late 90's she discovered the religion Kabbalah and she to this day still believes in it and follows it. if you see her wrist you will notice a piece of red string- this is part of kabbalah religion.

When was Madonna brunnete?

When she wasn't a blonde, a red, a black....brunette is her natural hair color. You can check down below!

Who is Madonna?

Madonna (born August 16, 1958 as Madonna Louise Ciccone) is a female US singer, actress, and dancer. She was ranked as the best-selling female rock star of the 20th Century, based on sales of more than 200 million albums worldwide. Guinness World Records lists her as the most successful female rec (MORE)

Is Madonna a mother?

yes, but a very bad one, she dousn't let her children watch tv cause she is so stricked

Is Madonna Cool?

Definetely! One of the coolest 50 year olds round!! she has had many number 1 singles and is an international icon.

What is a accomplishments?

accomplishments are if you have a goal you made it to your goal and you completed it so that is an accomplishment

What is nacionality is Madonna?

She was born as a citizen of the USA but her father Silvio Ciccone is a first generation Italian American, her mother Madonna (yes, they share the same name) was of French Canadian origin. So to say, she is not only American but has also got Italian and French Canadian blood in her veins.

Who is the Madonna?

"Madonna" is a term applied to Mary, the mother of Jesus, and is commonly used in descriptions of artwork depicting her, especially with the baby Jesus. The other Madonna is the megastar, iconic woman that is the Queen of Pop

Does Madonna have pets?

In the nineties she had a bulldog and a chiwaiwa, but gave them up do to her rigirious traveling schedule.

Is Madonna Pregnant?

The 51-year-old singer who is already mom to Lourdes, Rocco, David and Mercy isn't trying to get pregnant? She is once again pregnant I have read it from http://thecelebsfashion.blogspot.com/2010/02/madonna-has-her-sights-set-on-having.html

What songs by Madonna?

4 Minutes (Featuring Justin Timberlake) Celebration Jump Sorry Hung Up I Love New York Holiday Like a Prayer Ray of Light Nothing Really Matters Material Girls Papa Don't Preach Lucky Star Burning Up Get Together How High? Like It or Not

Is Madonna marrid?

She has been married twice, first to Sean Penn and later to Guy Ritchie, but is currently unmarried.

What was Madonna famous for?

Madonna is the most famous female pop singer of all time. She became famous in the early 1980's for her unique and rebellious style, her singing (of course), and the intense sexual energy she portrayed on stage and in her music videos which caused constant controversy. Because of her ability to rein (MORE)

Who did the Black Madonna?

It is said that the Black Madonna was painted by St. Luke the Evangelist. While he was painting it, it is also said that Mary told him about Jesus' life which he later incorporated in his Gospel. Hope this helps guys!

Who painted the Madonnas?

Raphael Variants of his name include "Raffaello Santi", "Raffaello da Urbino" or "Rafael Sanzio da Urbino".

Does Madonna do books?

Yes. In 1992 Madonna released her first coffee table book called "Sex", including explicit photos. In 2003 she made another coffee table book, "X-STaTIC Pro=CeSS", to accompany an earlier exhibition she and her photographer Steven Klein created. Both books are out of print and can cost between $8 (MORE)

Who does Madonna idolize?

Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Dita Parlo, Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly, Bette Davis, Jean Harlow. She also mentions those she idolizes in her song "Vogue", but those are the most important ones.

What did Madonna do to get famous?

Well She Slept With A Bunch Of Guys So they Could Help Her Become Famous Until One Guy Who Was A DJ Was At A Club Playing Songs She Went And Started Making Out With Him Then She Put A Sample CD Of Hers And The People Liked It... She Then Started Working With Him And Then Later She was Practicing A S (MORE)

Who are influenced by Madonna?

Basically every female singer with enough sense to realize Madonna is the queen of the music industry and even a few bi's such as Marilyn Manson.

Is Madonna a billionaire?

Yes she is a billionaire and has been for some time, and was worthover $650 million in the year 2002 so it's obvious with her hugetours through the years, and her many endorsements, real estate,artwork etc she has definitely amassed great wealth which strangelyForbes magazine has lowered in the last (MORE)

Why was Madonna excommunicated?

Madonna has never been formally excommunicated. She is simply a lapsed Catholic who is not in good standing with the Catholic church.

How wealthy is Madonna?

Net Worth $500 Million Annual Earnings According To Forbes Magazine 2010 Earnings : $58 million 2009 Earnings : $110 million 2008 Earnings : $40 million 2007 Earnings: $72 million 2005 Earnings: $50 million

Did Madonna retired?

No. She's just taking time out to be a mother to her children. She's still an entrepreneur and she opened her own line of gyms called Hard Candy and she's directing. She was on Saturday Night Live in 2010 to do a skit with Lady GaGa. There were plans for her to tour last year but that might've just (MORE)

Who has Madonna inspired?

lady gaga, Brittney spears, and highly possabely in a way almost every young female star out there in todays music hits. long live the queen of pop!

How do you kill Madonna?

you stick a stake in her shoot her with a assualt rifle or you can do my favorite and piosen her!

How you can talk to Madonna?

hi madonna i love love love you i just saw you in concert on thursday in charlotte by the way this is kirby i really want to be a pop star when i grow up maybe if im a popstar somday you could see me in concert i have ben writing some originals . i am `12 yrs old

Is Madonna a smoker?

She has been seen smoking cigarettes (and cigars) on and off camera, but has never publicly owned up to it.

What was Madonna genres?

For the most part, Madonna's music falls under the Pop/Dance categories. Although her 1994 album Bedtime Stories could be considered an R&B album. Some of her songs could even be considered Rock.

How was Madonna discovered?

she moved from Michigan to NY to start her new life with only $37 on her. This should teach you that anything is possible :) anyhow she was later discovered by Sire Records because someone had hear her at a dance club perform "Everybody"