What are the advantages and disadvantages of a compound light microscope?

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easy to use,
inexpensive (comparatively),
can look at live specimens (but its kinda hard to do so),
cannot magnify over 2000 times,
poorer resolution (comparatively)
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Advantages between transmission electron microscope and compound light microscope?

The Compund light microscope allows people to view living cells. With the electron light microscope peole can only view dead cells but with very high detail. The electron micr

Advantages and disadvantages of light microscope over electron microscope?

they are relatively smaller, electron ones are bigger . they are easy to use . they allow you to see coloured images, electron ones don't . you can observe live specimen, s

What are the advantages and disadvantages of monocular microscopes?

The advantages of a monocular microscope is that it is easier to use than a stereo microscope, a disadvantage of the monocular microscope is that it only has a singular eyepie

What advantage and disadvantage of polarized microscope?

The advantages are: (a) Basic identification of the materials was first performed by light microscopy and gross analysis. This provides a large base of published information

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a dissecting microscope?

Advantages - 1) there are 2 eyepieces which means you don't have tostrain your eyes so much and makes it easier to focus on the objectyou are looking at. 2) objects can be loo

What is one advantage of using the dissecting microscope instead of a compound light microscope?

You can view live samples, and use it for organisms that are too large to be able to use a compound microscope. It also means you can keep organisms in their original form, an

What advantages and disadvantages a light microscope have in comparison with an electron mircroscope?

a light( or mirror) microscope doesnt have much zoom at all, compared to the electron microscope. The electron microscope is much larger and is much more expensive. It depends