What are the advantages and disadvantages of a fiberglass swimming pool lining in a gunite pool?

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There are no disadvantages if the pool is properly prepared and, most importantly, the right materials are used to create the fiberglass shell. It is up to the consumer to demand the specific resin, fiberglass mat weight, and gelcoat that will be used in the application. When the materials are delivered, no matter who delivers it, the consumer must demand the Material Data Safety Sheets MSDS, and verify that they represent the exact materials ordered. Then the MSDS must be compared to the Chemical Manufacturers labels before the shipment is accepted. Once you accept it, you're stuck. Assuming the right (which happen to be the most expensive) chemicals and fiberglass are used, and the gelcoat is applied in a timely fashion, (to achieve a chemical bond), the pool will not leak for at least 30 years. The maintenance and chemical usage will be reduced by more than 50%, and the pool will look new and beautiful once again. Between 12 and 18 years later, depending upon pool use and care, the pool will need to be re-gelcoated. Salt water chlorination increases the longevity of the original gelcoat toward the upper end of the term.
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