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What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting married at an early age?

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Advantage- Your kids will think that you are young parents.
Disadvantage- You miss a life of variety

(Don't get married until you are at-least 25 unless if you thing the person is your "Soul" mate.)
I think, an early marriage has considerable advantages.
The mind is set in an early age. A big task is solved in the early age. One has more time for his career and his family. On the other hand many people who are late married or married after experimenting couple of broken relations, they just lose a very precious young age time of there lives, either in stressful single life (effecting their working efficiency) or given to their broken relations. One may not need to wait until his mind is mature enough to decide for a right partner. Such marriages have anyway 40% diverse rate in western culture.

Thus marriage is anyway a kind of compromise. There is no certain level of maturity a person reaches making him able to decide confidently and correctly about his marriage matter. The best thing is to marriage early, adjust your personality according to your partner, set your mind, and be relaxed that you have accomplished a very big step of your life and now work good and more effective for the betterment of humanity.

if you're pretty sure you're in love, then go ahead. just keep in mind that you'll never be able to date again unless you divorce (why get married in the first place?), and that this is the person that you'll grow old with. The choice is yours.
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