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What are the advantages and disadvantages of non store retailing?

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advantage operating cost is low
disadvantage terms and condition hidden
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of retail banking?

I do all of my banking online. my checking account (usaa) has a 1% interest rate and I never pay an ATM fee. I get a $15 a month credit for the ATM fees that show on my accoun

Advantages and disadvantages of retailer?

The advantages of a retailer is that they have many different  products available to the consumer. Retailers help the economy by  providing jobs and products. Disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of non participation?

    Pros: your personal resources are not used up so you can save them for projects of your own design.     Cons: if participating may help a need or project of

Difference between store retailing and non store retailing?

One major difference between store and non-store retailing is  location. To do store retailing, it has to have a physical  location, or a "brick and mortar" presence that a

What are the advantage and disadvantage of itinerant retailer?

The advantage of an itinerant retailer is that they are constantly  on the move and can often move wherever they feel the business will  be most successful. The disadvantage

What are the advantages and disadvantages of retail shopping?

Advantages (to the customer) :- Multiple shops in one place - much more convenient. Better parking facilities (normally) Ability to shop around for prices more easily More co

What is the advantages and disadvantages of independent retailers among the other retailers?

Advantages:There are no restrictions on who, how or where an entrepreneur should set up his/her business. The freedom to do what one wants to do is the biggest advantage in th